Request Help Toward Promotion

When to use Request Help Toward Promotion

If you work hard and have proven yourself capable of advancement, you may understandably be unsure of how to alert your boss to your advancement-related intentions. If you are interested in seeking a promotion at some time in the relatively near future, it is important to “loop in” your supervisor to your intentions for a number of reasons. First, you may benefit from taking on more responsibility as a stepping stone towards advancement. Alerting your supervisor to your intention to eventually seek a promotion may inspire him or her to give you more responsibility in order to prepare you for that transition. Second, it is less likely that you will secure a promotion and/or a raise if you suddenly ask for one without giving your supervisor any indication that you are working towards that larger goal. Formally asking for assistance, advice and/or input in regards to your promotion goals will provide adequate notice and food for thought. That way, when you are eventually in a position to apply for a promotion, your boss will be more likely to receive this news in an informed, prepared way.


If you are interested in seeking assistance with your professional advancement and/or you want to alert your supervisor to your intentions concerning professional advancement, you can use this letter to do so efficiently, effectively and professionally. It is generally a good idea to think about timing the submission of this letter to your advantage. For example, you may benefit from submitting it after you have received an excellent mid-year or end-of-year review. Alternatively, you may submit it after receiving some sort of significant recognition for your work. That way, your request will seem more natural and grounded than it would if it seemingly came out of “nowhere.”

Alternative Names

Request Help Towards Promotion Letter
Request Assistance Towards Promotion Letter