Request Raise – Increased Work Load

When to use Request Raise – Increased Work Load

If you work hard for your employer, you deserve compensation that reflects that effort. In general, if an employee completes all tasks contained in his or her job description, that worker is entitled to the compensation outlined in the employment agreement that established his or her position. However, if a worker’s efforts go above and beyond the terms of the original job description, that worker may indeed have earned a raise. For example, if you have taken on a work load that significantly outpaces the workload outlined in your employment contract, your current rate of compensation may no longer accurately reflect the value you bring to your employer. Similarly, if you have achieved a significant level of seniority in your position, you may also be deserving of an increase in compensation. Unfortunately, asking for what you deserve is not always an easy business when it comes to employee compensation rates. Thankfully, there are resources you can use that will make requesting a well-deserved raise easier.


If your increased workload and level of seniority have led you to believe you have earned an increase in compensation, this customizable raise request letter will help you to articulate your reasoning in a clear, professional way. Approaching your boss about a raise can be an intimidating business. However, asking for what you deserve is of critical importance in the workplace. Your career cannot successfully grow and evolve unless you respectfully make what your efforts are worth known. You may benefit from timing your request in a thoughtful way. For example, asking for a raise after receiving a favorable review or other recognition may make the most sense.

Alternative Names

Raise Request
Pay Raise Request