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Request to Cease Collection Activity

When to use Request to Cease Collection Activity

Calls and other communications from collections agents are some of the most annoying and stress-inducing communications a person can receive on a regular basis. They are frustrating whether they are occurring as a result of charges made by an identity theft, a loved one, your business or you, personally. They are frustrating whether the charges were authorized or unauthorized, legitimate or illegitimate. In short, collections calls are downright frustrating. When you have reason to demand that these collections calls need to stop, do not hesitate to submit a request to cease collection activity to the collections agency in question.


Whether you are a victim of identity theft, you have made payment arrangements in regards to your bill or you otherwise have grounds to demand that collections calls and other activities stop, you can use this form to reach out to any collections agency that may currently be hounding you for money. Oftentimes, it is difficult to get someone on the phone who has the authority to stop collections actions outright, as many collections agencies employ lower-level workers to handle phone communications. A letter can help to put an end to collections actions in an efficient and effective way.

It is important that you save a copy of this form for your records after you have sent it to a collections agency. In the event that the agency does not stop harassing you, you may need to reference this form when speaking with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau or another government agency about the situation you are facing. Similarly, if you have experienced identity theft, you may need to reference this form when speaking with law enforcement officials about your experience.

Alternative Names

Cease and Desist Collection Form
Notification to Halt Collections Activity