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Request to Close a Fraudulent Bank Account

When to use Request to Close a Fraudulent Bank Account

Sometimes, it is best to boost privacy settings and put other safeguards into place in order to compensate for the fact that an account’s privacy and/or protections have been compromised in the past. However, it sometimes simply makes more sense to close an existing account and start fresh. If your bank account has been compromised to a significant degree, you may need to close it and start over. This is certainly the case if an account has been opened under your name and was unauthorized from the start. Thankfully, you can use this form to start the process of closing an account without suffering too much inconvenience in the meantime. If you act quickly in the wake of an identity theft, privacy breach or other related challenge, you may be able to mitigate potential negative consequences, that could arise from the situation, to a great degree.


If the privacy and protection of your bank account has been compromised by identity theft and adding some simple security measures will not undo that damage, you may benefit from closing your account altogether. You can use this form to set that process in motion. You can then opt to open a new account with the same institution or with another banking facility. Either way, when you open a new account, your information should again be safe from identity thieves. With that said, if your bank account information was compromised due to lax security on the part of your bank, opening a new account with that bank may not solve your root problem. If that is the case, it may be time to find a new banking institution.

Alternative Names

Request to Close an Unauthorized Bank Account