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Request to Close an Unauthorized Account

When to use Request to Close an Unauthorized Account

There are times when accounts may be opened under your name without your permission. Most often, this occurs when an identity thief attempts to take advantage of your sensitive information for his or her personal gains. Other times, a loved one (or former loved one), an employee or a colleague may open an account under your name for one reason or another. Finally, there are times when a business may open an unauthorized account under your name connected to an authorized account due to human error or some other complicating factor. If it has come to your attention that an unauthorized account is active under your name, please consider sending the business associated with that account this request to close an unauthorized account form today. Taking action is really the only way to ensure that no more unauthorized activity occurs on that account without your express permission.


If an account has been opened under your name without your consent or an existing account has been effectively used in such a fraudulent way that it is no longer effectively “yours,” you can take steps to remedy your situation. Specifically, you must explicitly ask the business associated with the account to close the unauthorized account and reverse any unauthorized charges.

It is important to keep a copy of your request filed in your records in case you need to reference it again in the future. Whether or not you have become a victim of identity theft, you may need to speak with the business in question, law enforcement officials and/or government agencies about the fraudulent activity that occurred in your name. This letter may serve as evidence of your efforts to resolve the situation fairly.

Alternative Names

Request to Close a Fraudulent Account
Notification of Fraudulent Account
Closing an Unauthorized Account Form