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Request to Place a Fraud Alert on a Passport

When to use Request to Place a Fraud Alert on a Passport

If you have discovered evidence of fraudulent activity associated with your passport, you are almost certainly struggling with a number of emotions. You are probably angry that someone is taking advantage of your personal information and concerned that you could be held accountable for that activity. While your stress is absolutely understandable, it is important that you understand there are steps you can take in order to begin remedying this situation. Filing a request to place a fraud alert on your passport with the State Department is an excellent first step toward ensuring that you are not held responsible for fraudulent activity associated with your passport.


Whether you have already called or contacted the U.S. State Department by electronic means already or you have yet to make contact with this federal agency, you can use this form to help ensure that a fraud alert is placed on your passport file. You can file this form as your initial contact or you can use it to follow up on a previous communication about your situation. Either way, you should keep a copy of the completed form for your records in case there is ever any need to prove that you requested a fraud alert down the line.

Identity theft can be a truly stressful reality. However, this form can help you to safeguard your passport as much as you possibly can in the wake of fraudulent activity. Please don’t wait to take steps to protect your rights and your identity. If your passport has been lost or stolen or you have simply been made aware of fraudulent activity tied to your passport, file a report to request a fraud alert on your passport today.

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Passport Fraud Alert Form