Request to Place a Password on a Bank Account

When to use Request to Place a Password on a Bank Account

You may work with a bank that you love. Perhaps your bank is a small town operation that tends towards traditional practices and traditional folksy charm. Or perhaps your bank is not a small town operation but has simply not fully realized the times we all live in quite yet. For whatever reason, your online banking does not yet require you to input a password before you engage in various transactions. Or perhaps, your bank is just a little too lax in regards to in-person transaction security but you don’t choose to bank elsewhere because you either love your bank or have no other viable option. If any of these scenarios sound familiar to you, you may benefit from submitting a request to place a password on a bank account form. That way, every transaction you complete, online, on the phone and/or in-person, will be subject to password verification.


If your online banking is not password protected or your phone/in-person transactions strike you as less than secure, you can use this form to request that your bank make activity on your accounts subject to password verification. This proactive step may not solve all your banking-related security concerns, but it is certainly a step in the right direction.

Alternative Names

Request to Close an Unauthorized Bank Account