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Response to IRS Notice

This response to IRS notice letter can be used to reply to a notice letter you receive from the Internal Revenue Service.


  • Responding to an IRS notice letter that you believe includes incorrect information
  • Responding to an IRS notice letter that requests additional payment or documentation.


The Internal Revenue Service sends out millions of notice letters to taxpayers every year. These notices usually make the taxpayer aware of some specific issue with their tax return. Sometimes, the notice letters are just a formal way of telling a taxpayer that his or her account has changed in some way, in which case you don’t need to reply. However, if you don’t agree with the correction, you must respond in writing.

An IRS notice may request an additional payment of taxes or more detailed information. If you do not agree with what the IRS says in the notice letter, you must respond in a timely fashion. Use this customizable response to IRS letter to help you create an accurate and professional response to an official notice from the IRS. Attach any documentation or additional information that you think the IRS should know, and send the packet of materials to the IRS address listed on the notice letter.

When dealing with the IRS or any other government agency, it’s always a good idea to get things in writing. Use this interactive form to create a response to an IRS notice that clearly and formally states you position with respect to some issue flagged on your tax return. Without proper documentation, you risk losing the opportunity to challenge an IRS determination that you believe is erroneous.