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Response to Payment Request

Use this response to payment request to explain why a payment has or has not been made.

Life is a complicated business. Therefore, even if you are ordinarily a dependable customer and consumer, you may run into scenarios from time to time in which you need to either pay a bill late or refuse to make a payment as originally intended. When these scenarios arise, it is important to keep the businesses and/or creditors affected by your circumstances aware of what you are dealing with and what your intentions are in regards to upcoming payments/payment scheduling.


  • Challenging or denying a request for payment.
  • Providing documentation explaining the facts and circumstances surrounding a late payment.


Some of us may find ourselves in the unfortunate situation of being behind in our bills. Whether due to the loss of a job or unanticipated expenses, we can all fall short of making enough to cover all of our commitments. Rather than leaving your creditors in the dark, consider sending this response to payment request if you find you cannot make a payment when due.

If you are behind on a payment, this document will help you explain why you haven’t made a payment and give creditors an idea of when and in what amount they can expect to be paid. Responding to creditors in a timely manner can help you to avoid negative marks on your credit and may even open up negotiations for revised credit terms that can help you get up to date on your account.

Alternatively, you can use this response to payment request form to create a document challenging the validity of a payment request you have received. For example, if a contractor who did work on your roof submits a payment request to you, but your records show you have paid in full, you can use this document to politely decline the request.

If you either need to notify a business or a creditor that a payment is forthcoming or you need to explain why you have yet to make a payment scheduled according to the terms of your account, you can use this response to payment request form in order to achieve your intended goal. While it may seem like an unnecessary step, especially if you plan on posting a payment soon, communicating with your creditors and businesses that provide you with goods and services is important if you want to remain in good standing. Most of the time, creditors and businesses will grant loyal and dependable customers with a little “wiggle room” if they are kept in the loop in regards to complicating circumstances. However, failure to communicate with a business or creditor that is expecting a payment can dash any hope of receiving compassionate service. Once you complete this form and send it, take care to keep a copy for your records in the event that you need to reference it again in the future or follow-up with your creditor or business concerning your original request.


Alternate Names

Letter to Creditor
Creditor Communication Form
Letter to Debt Collector
Debt Collector Communication Form
Payment Request Response Form
Payment Request Response Letter