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Room Rental Agreement

When to use Room Rental Agreement

A room rental agreement form can be used to accomplish many different goals. For example, it can be used to define the terms of a sublet arrangement in which another moves in and takes over the remainder of the time left on your residential or commercial lease. In addition, you can use this template to define the terms of renting a room in your house or a room in another property you may own to new tenants. Alternatively, if you are looking to add a roommate to space you rent or own, you can use this document to set the terms of your agreement. Finally, you can use this agreement structure to outline the conditions of renting your house or apartment on a temporary basis while you are away. In essence, if you are looking to rent out part or all of space you own, or you are looking to sublet a space you rent, you can use this template to help define the scope of the arrangement in question.


This template is customizable and can be used to fit the needs of your unique situation. As this form is very versatile, it is important to think through the terms you ultimately wish to outline when completing it. Unlike other forms that are more “cookie cutter” in nature, this form can be used for a variety of purposes and can feature a variety of different terms. Once you have completed the form to your satisfaction, take care to keep a copy for your records in case you ever need to reference it again.

Alternative Names

Subtenant Agreement
Subtenant Contract
Sublet Agreement, Sublet Contract
Room Lease Agreement
Room Rental Contract
Roommate Rent Contract