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Salary Verification Letter

When to use Salary Verification Letter

Americans are frequently compelled to provide proof of their everyday lives. Think, for example, about how often you are asked to present your driver’s license. Whether it is a birth certificate, a marriage certificate, proof of insurance, proof of address, proof of voter registration, proof of graduation or roughly a dozen other common documents, Americans are often forced to prove the most basic details of their lives. One form of proof that is not often asked for, but is consequential when needed, is proof of employment and salary. Especially when individuals are seeking to open new lines of credit and/or looking to move into a new residence, looking to secure a new position of employment or are applying for certain professional opportunities, it may be important to secure proof of employment and salary from your employer from time to time.


If you are either applying for a new employment position or have recently accepted one and your new employer needs confirmation of your most recent employment and salary, this form can help you to provide that proof. Alternatively, if you are an employer seeking to hire someone for an open position and you need to confirm a candidate’s current salary and position, providing your applicant with this form can help you to obtain that necessary information. Finally, if you need proof of your current employment position and/or salary for any reason, such as obtaining credit, applying to purchase or rent a home, etc. you can use this form to obtain proof of your current situation from your employer.

Alternative Names

Income Verification Letter
Income Verification Form
Verification of Salary Letter
Proof of Income Form
Proof of Income Letter