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Security Deposit Refund Letter

When to use Security Deposit Refund Letter

When tenants move out of rental property, they usually receive some compensation in the form of a security deposit refund. This refund is tied to the security deposit amount paid upon move-in. Landlords and property managers assume some risk when renting space to new tenants. When tenants fail to pay rent, cause costly damage or break the terms of their lease, landlords and property managers are generally allowed to keep some or all of the security deposit provided by their tenants. However, if tenants do not significantly fail to meet the terms of their security deposit agreement, they generally receive some or all of their deposit back when they move out of the rental space.


If you are a landlord or a property manager and you need to return a security deposit to one of your tenants, you can use this customizable template in order to detail the amount you are returning and why (if applicable) a tenant is not receiving their deposit back in-full. Similarly, if you are a tenant who is moving out and you want to request your security deposit back, you can use this form to accomplish this aim as well. When dealing with security deposits, please remember that a landlord or property manager needs some time after the tenant has fully moved out in order to inspect the property. As a result, it can be helpful for tenants to provide a forwarding address so that landlords know where to send the security deposit check and accompanying clarification letter once the inspection is complete. Tenants, it can be difficult to prove that your apartment, home, commercial property, etc. was in good shape at the time you left. Taking time stamped pictures throughout the property before you leave is an elegant solution.

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