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Social Media Addendum to Will

When to use Social Media Addendum to Will

Do you already have a legally enforceable will and/or general estate planning documentation filed away? Does your will include instructions for how your social media accounts should be managed in the wake of your death? This document will help you to articulate your wishes regarding your social media accounts so that they can be managed properly in the event of your death. Once you have made your wishes known, you can use this document to effectively update your existing will/estate plan without having to revise your existing documents entirely.


It is important to make a list of each of your social media accounts. You can then determine who you will and will not entrust access to these accounts once you can no longer manage them yourself. You can make your wishes as specific as you please. Perhaps you want some accounts to remain open, some closed and some archived. Perhaps one digital executor can be entrusted with your personal accounts while another individual is entrusted with your business accounts.

Once you have articulated your wishes regarding the management of these accounts, you can leave login information for accessing those accounts. This information can be updated as frequently as you need it to be.

Laws governing estate planning/estate management are rapidly evolving as social media and other electronic assets become increasingly relevant. Please speak with a lawyer if you have any questions about updating your will and/or general estate plan in order to reflect your wishes concerning your social media accounts.

Alternative Names

Addendum to Digital Media Will
Digital Estate Plan Addendum
Social Media Estate Plan Update
Social Media Codicil to Will