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Social Security Benefits Letter

When to use Social Security Benefits Letter

When Americans work in positions that are legally documented (sorry, babysitters paid in cash), they pay into the Social Security system as a matter of course. Over the course of many years, workers paying into the Social Security system become entitled to a certain amount of retirement benefits tied to the number of years they have been working and the amount they have been paying into the system. In general, the longer you work and the more money you pay into the system, the greater the amount of Social Security retirement benefits you will receive once you reach a certain age.


When a worker is approaching retirement, he or she may benefit from inquiring about the amount of Social Security retirement benefits that can be expected from now on. If you are either approaching retirement and/or are trying to plan financially for your retirement, you can use this letter template in order to correspond with the Social Security Administration in regards to the benefit amount you can expect to receive. You can also ask for a breakdown of the amount of contributions you have made to the Social Security system over the years and the ways in which this effort is reflected in your expected retirement benefit amount. You can also inquire about your contribution amounts regardless of how long you have been in the workforce. If you are a planner by nature (or are trying to become more proactive about your finances) knowing how your income contributions may affect your retirement benefits can help you to make informed decisions about your employment situation and your financial planning needs.

Alternative Names

Social Security Benefits Inquiry
Social Security Retirement Benefits Letter
Social Security Retirement Benefits Inquiry