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Stock Power

When to use Stock Power

There are two primary challenges that loved ones face when someone truly close to them passes away. First, there is the understandably difficult process of grieving to contend with. Second, a host of practical, legal and financial tasks need to be completed in order to get that individual’s affairs in order. For example, if the deceased had invested in stocks, bonds or other securities before he or she passed away, the power to transfer and/or sell those securities needs to be established. If you are serving as the executor of an individual’s estate and/or you are that individual’s surviving spouse or adult child, you may be wondering how to go about obtaining the authority commonly referred to as stock power. Using this template will allow you to get this process underway in a clear, professional and easily accessible manner.


If you are the executor of an individual’s estate, serve as an estate representative and/or are named as a beneficiary in the context of an estate plan, you may be able to use this template in order to obtain the power to sell and/or transfer securities owned by the deceased. Ultimately, you may need to obtain a more comprehensive grant of authority in order to manage securities still active in the marketplace. However, this template and proof that the securities owner is deceased will help you to start this process. If you are currently navigating the loss of a loved one, dealing with the practical realities of that loss may be the last thing on your mind. Whenever you are ready, you can use this template to start the process of getting his or her affairs in order.

Alternative Names

Stock Authority Notification
Stock Power Verification
Securities Authority Notification
Stock Power Notification
Stock Power Form