Survivor Checklist

When to use Survivor Checklist

If a close loved one has recently passed away, you are almost certainly feeling overwhelmed by both emotion and practical matters. One of the most significant challenges associated with losing a loved one is that surviving loved ones generally have to navigate a host of legal, financial and practical tasks at the same time that they are grappling with some of the most acute stages of grief. Thankfully, you do not need to juggle these challenges without access to helpful resources. Using a survivor checklist will likely help you to organize all the tasks at hand so that you can focus on one thing at a time. By using this customizable template, you can quickly reference what still needs to be done. If no tasks are urgent, you can focus on processing your grief at whatever pace is healthiest for you without worrying that something practical needs your immediate attention.


Surviving spouses, adult children of recently deceased parents and estate administrators can benefit from using this survivor checklist both in the immediate aftermath of loss and into the future. Some survivor checklist tasks are more time-sensitive than others. For example, notifying individuals who may wish to attend upcoming memorial services is an urgent matter. Notifying the streaming services regularly accessed by the deceased that relevant accounts now need to be closed is not an urgent matter. Having every task in one easily referenced place will help you to remain organized and as stress-free as you can be about the practical side of loss as you work to process your grief over a significant period of time.

Alternative Names

After Death Checklist
Surviving Spouse Checklist
Estate Administrator Checklist
Survivor Worksheet
Surviving Spouse Worksheet
Estate Administrator Worksheet