Time Off Request

When to use Time Off Request

A time off request document can be used by both employers and employees alike. Employers can ensure that their workers have access to this form after they have been educated about a company’s time off policies and procedures. Employees can use this document to formally notify their employers about their intention to take time off, whether that time off is paid or unpaid. If your company has yet to create a standard time off request form, this document can meet your needs, whether you are requesting time off or receiving requests for time off from your employees.

Whether you are requesting time off or receiving such requests, it is important to follow-up in regards to “approval.” Timely submission of a time off request is the employee’s responsibility. However, it is the employer’s responsibility to approve, reject, counter or modify a request in a timely manner as well. Documents are often only as effective as those who use them. Similarly, making sure everyone affected by such requests understands the expectations surrounding them (how many days in advance must certain requests be submitted, etc.) is helpful for ensuring clear communication, a productive office culture and healthy worker morale.


This form can be used for virtually any temporary time off request. If a worker needs to take sick leave (paid or unpaid), has experienced a loss or family emergency, wants to use accrued vacation time or needs to take a temporary leave of absence for another reason, this form can help to ensure that those needs are communicated in a clear and timely manner.

Alternative Names

Vacation Request
Sick Leave Request
Request of Leave
PTO Request