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Transcript Request

When to use Transcript Request

It is generally a good idea to request an official transcript from your high school and any additional educational institutions you have attended as an adult in order to have these documents on file. If you decide to attend another school or apply for any number of jobs, you will likely be asked to produce an official transcript as part of your application process. In order to obtain an official transcript, you can use this form to formally request this documentation from the school(s) you have attended previously.


For a variety of reasons, educational institutions and employers often request official transcripts. In requesting a transcript, you will be able to provide proof of your grades, achievements, scholastic focus, etc. It is important to note that not every school processes transcript requests in the exact same way. When requesting a transcript from a school, make sure to provide all necessary contact information and context. For example, you will likely need to specify when you enrolled and/or graduated. Especially if you attended an institution with a large population, the more identifying details you provide in your request, the more likely you will be to receive your transcript in a timely manner. Also take care to look up exactly where your request needs to be sent. Unless you are sending your request to the main office of a high school, sending a request to a school’s main address may result in a processing delay.

Also please note that you may request an official transcript or an unofficial transcript. Sometimes colleges provide unofficial documentation for free, while official transcripts require a fee. In addition, you may be able to specify if you want your transcript sent directly to you or directly to the organization requesting your scholastic information at this time.

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