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Travel Consent Form

When to use Travel Consent Form

If your child is a minor and is going to be traveling either domestically or internationally without a parent present, it is important to fill out a travel consent form, to provide the adult in charge of the trip with that form and to keep a copy for your records. Similarly, if you are an adult who is chaperoning a trip with minors present, any of those minors who will not be traveling with a parent present should have one of these forms completed before leaving on your adventure. This consent form is not a trivial matter and should not be treated casually. Without express parental permission provided, the minor’s chaperones will remain legally vulnerable to a host of consequences. In addition, if no medical authorization is granted to the chaperones in question, a child in medical distress may be denied treatment while away from home.


Whether you are a parent sending a minor child on a trip or are an adult serving as a chaperone on a trip with minors present, please make sure that a proper travel consent form is completed before the travel occurs. In addition to necessary authorizations, this form allows parents to provide emergency contact information in the event that something happens to their child when the child is traveling.

Please also note that if you are a parent whose child custody agreement contains travel restrictions that a travel consent form will need to be completed before the child can travel with the parent subject to those restrictions.

Alternative Names

Parental Travel Consent Form
Minor Travel Consent Form
Child Travel Consent Form
Travel Authorization
Child Travel Authorization
Minor Travel Authorization
Parental Authorization for Travel
Consent to Travel Form