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Unanimous Consent

A unanimous consent document can be used in place of mandatory annual board of director meetings at companies.


  • Fulfilling the requirement for corporate boards of directors to meet at least once per year.
  • Efficiently dispensing with issues before a corporate board of directors when there is no disagreement among members of the board.


All jurisdictions require corporate boards of directors to meet at least once per year to make major decisions about the company. Unfortunately, it is not always efficient or convenient to hold a meeting where all of a company’s directors can attend. Additionally, making the effort to get everyone in one place may not be necessary if there are no major issues raised before the board. In order to get around the requirement for an in-personal annual board of directors meeting, the law allows companies to circulate a unanimous consent document in advance of the meeting. In order to use a unanimous consent document as a replacement for your annual board meeting, there must be absolute agreement among all directors regarding the issues at hand. This requires a unanimous consent document that is clear and detailed, as any confusion on the issues could raise the need for an in-person meeting.

A unanimous consent document must state all relevant details of the issues raised before the board, the issues resolved by the board in prior meetings, and any ongoing business that the board is responsible for addressing. Use this interactive form to quickly and easily create a unanimous consent that you can use to make sure that your company board meetings can be carried out as quickly and efficiently as possible.