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Will for Married People with No Children

When to use Will for Married People with No Children

If you are married, it is important to approach estate planning with your spouse in mind. Certainly, it is possible for each spouse to make separate wills. However, unless you and your spouse have significant separate property and wish to approach estate planning in fundamentally different ways, it generally makes practical and legal sense to construct a joint will. If you do not need to provide for any children in your will, the process of drafting it will likely be easier than it might otherwise be. You may benefit from using this accessible, efficient and effective template to draft your will, especially if your estate is valued under $5 million. If you and your spouse have an estate likely to be valued over that amount, you may wish to speak with an attorney about your ideal legal options.


Within the context of your joint will, you can detail how you want your property to be distributed in the event that one or both of you passes away. Similarly, you can detail how you want your digital assets to be managed when you die. In general, if one spouse predeceases the other, the living spouse retains ownership to all marital property. However, you may wish to instruct your executor to manage any of your separate property in alternative ways. Similarly, you will need to determine how all of your marital property will be managed and distributed once both of you are gone. This template will help you to accomplish each of these goals in turn.

Alternative Names

Will for Married Couples
Will for Married Couples with No Children
Joint Will for Married Couples
Will for Childless Couples