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Will for Remarried People with Adult Children

When to use Will for Remarried People with Adult Children

If your family is blended and your children are grown, you may understandably have concerns regarding your approach to estate planning. You may be especially anxious if any of your adult children do not have the strongest relationships with each other. In-fighting as a result of a parent’s estate details is not uncommon among grown children. However, thoughtful construction of your will may help to ensure that any tensions related to your estate details are as minimal as they can possibly be.

When remarried couples with blended families approach estate planning, many tend to get preoccupied with issues of fairness. They understandably worry that distributing assets in any given way will leave at least one child feeling slighted. The primary thing you need to remember when constructing your estate plan is that it is a legally enforceable document. The very act of articulating your wishes clearly and in an enforceable way will likely mitigate tensions in the long-run because your children will not have any grounds to challenge your wishes in court. As for the distribution of your assets, you may need to spend some time thinking about what you truly want to leave to each of your children, grandchildren and other close loved ones, charities close to your heart and any other individual or entity that means something to you. Most of the time, when a will is thoughtfully structured, beneficiaries generally “come around” as long as they are not left something thoughtful, even if it is not monetarily valuable.


Consider using this customizable template to draft your will if you and your spouse have a blended family and your children are grown. You can update your will at any time, so do not hesitate to take the important step of safeguarding your interests and preferences before you pass away.

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