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Frequently asked questions

What is LawTrades?

LawTrades is the start of a better legal experience. We’re an online lawyer service marketplace for finding the small business legal services you need to run your business. No more bloated law firm hourly rates, questionable do-it-yourself legal forms, or “posting a job” and waiting for offers. In other words, we’re here to get legal done, right.

How do I get started?

Just sign up with your name, email, and phone number and you’ll receive a text message from one of our Sales Engineers who will briefly discuss your legal issue and instantly give you a fixed-fee quote. Upon payment, which is conducted securely through the site and aligned with the progress of your project, you’ll be introduced to a world-class business lawyer who will immediately begin your online lawyer consultation. We’ll even manage the progress of your project from start to finish and you'll never pay for overages as our work is guaranteed.

Are these quality online legal services?

Our team of legal veterans and serial entrepreneurs personally review and vet every lawyer on the platform. Our lawyers have an average 10 years legal experience and are alums of some of the most prestigious law firms and corporations. In most cases we interview them in person and accept approximately 5% of applications.

Is LawTrades a law firm?

Nope, we're a new kind of legal company. We were built on the idea that the current law firm model is broken so we don’t mind being something new. We help entrepreneurial-minded lawyers deliver more efficient and effective law services online and improve legal processes. But we don’t practice law.

How do I know I’m protected?

We never release the money until you approve the final work product.

Why projects and not job postings?

We believe in open transparency and making smart suggestions based on your business instead of making you guess from thin air. We want you to connect the dots and get the appropriate law services online as your business grows. No posting and waiting, no price guessing, and no back and forth. It’s like having access to a firm with an endless supply of on-demand, online lawyer services, minus the massive overhead that would cost you an arm and a leg.

How do I learn more about the lawyer?

Businesses around the world trust LinkedIn as a resource to evaluate prospective candidates so we thought why not give you that ability as well. While other companies deliberately hide that information for fear of getting cut out, we offer a remarkable experience that naturally keeps our users on the platform.

What should I do if I don’t see a project I need?

Just tell us your situation and we’ll match you with the right lawyer online who will complete it for you.

Once I purchase a project, what happens?

The lawyer will get a notification and have an opportunity to review and accept the project. Once accepted, you will get a notification with some information needed to get your online lawyer consultation started. Once your online lawyer services are complete, you’ll have a chance to review everything.