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● Job Title

Jr. Compliance Attorney

● Type

Fixed Duration

● Location

New York, NY

● Category

E-Commerce, Consumer, Healthcare




● Role Description

Responsibilities As an Office of the General Counsel (OGC) Attorney, you will serve as legal counsel for the FBI. The FBI’s OGC consists of three branches: Investigative and Administrative Law Branch, National Security and Cyber Law Branch and the Litigation Branch. Your duties and responsibilities will depend on the type of law you practice within each branch. Please visit our postings on the Department of Justice (DOJ) website: https://www.justice.gov/legal-careers to view all of our current vacancies. All three branches are currently hiring with openings in some or all of the following units: Civil Litigation Unit, Employment Law Unit, FOIA Litigation Unit, Fiscal and Contract Law Unit, Privacy and Civil Liberties Unit, Cyber Law Unit, Counterintelligence Law Unit, Counterterrorism Law Unit and the Investigative Law Unit. Note: Additional postings may be added to the DOJ website periodically. Specialized Experience – Specific to each unit. Please reference the DOJ postings above.


● Payout

$120 / 4.8K*

Per Hour / Monthly


● Hours

1 / 10*

Per Week / Monthly





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