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Employment Lawyers

Employment laws affect millions of employers and workers across the country, and anyone facing a potential workplace issue wants to make sure to have the best employment lawyer they can get to advocate for their rights.


In the United States alone, the federal government administers and enforces more than 180 employment laws. Employment laws affect millions of employers and workers across the country, and anyone facing a potential workplace issue wants to make sure to have the best employment lawyer they can get to advocate for their rights. Whether you have questions about wages and pay, hours of work, or what type of agreements you need in place to protect your legal rights, if you’re considering hiring someone you probably need employment law services. LawTrades has top employment lawyers online now who can help you draft or review employment agreements which create a safe and effective legal framework for your working relationships. Our employment law services can help guide you through the entire hiring and firing process, from the first offer letter to termination. 

Our lawyers use their skills and experience to give you the best business employment law advice, ensuring that your workplace operates in a safe, fair, and legally-compliant manner. The best employment lawyers provide employees and managers with practical advice about their rights and liabilities in an employment relationship. Wages and compensation, for example, are common sources of workplace disputes – especially when alternative compensation arrangements are negotiated. If you are considering using a non-traditional pay structure to attract and retain talented workers, such as by offering startup equity compensation or performance-based bonuses, be sure to consult with a qualified employment lawyer beforehand. LawTrades has employment lawyers online now, available to help you understand all of your rights and liabilities in an employment relationship.

Websites commonly use terms of service agreements to bind users to certain requirements and conditions when they are on the site. Additionally, because website users often leave behind a treasure trove of data as they navigate the web, online companies should have a clear privacy policy explaining how their site gathers, uses, and discloses user data. An online business lawyer can help you set up your web business in a manner that protects your company’s legal rights and financial assets. If you’re starting or operating a web-based business, see how LawTrades can help.  

Offer Letter

An offer letter is a step closer to working for a new employment as it describes the basic terms of the employment position offered by a company. This letter typically includes some basic information about the position, such as job title, starting date, salary and bonuses, pay schedule, fringe benefits, at-will / just cause classification, and the deadline to accept the position.

Termination Lawyers

A termination letter is usually the last step in an employment relationship. For employers, it’s an opportunity to explain why you're ending an individual's employment, and outline other details about the termination.

Employment Agreement Lawyers

An employment contract lawyer can help you legally bind a contract between an employer and employee. It’s helpful to use an employment contract or get an employment contract review if you are hiring a new employee and want to specify rights and obligations like salary, benefits, and hours.

Equity Compensation Lawyers

Startup equity compensation is one way for a business to attract and retain employees. The general idea of equity compensation is to offer employees a share of the company’s future profits in exchange for lower salaries up front.

IP Invention Assignment Lawyers

This agreement is intended to protect a company's intellectual property (IP) rights in works created or developed by an employee or contractor while working with the company.

Frequently asked

As an employer, is it necessary to use employment contracts for my employees?
No not at all, but it’s a great look for HR purposes. It’s important for employers and employees to be on the same page. An employment agreement or employee handbook is the perfect tool to nail down the terms of employment so that no ambiguities exist.
As an employee, is it smart to have an employment lawyer look at my new hire agreements before I sign?
Absolutely. Employment agreements can have a significant impact on your current and future employment. You need to make sure you understand your compensation and benefit package, especially those looking to join a startup which might include things like stock options, intellectual property assignments, non-competes and NDAs. The best employment lawyers will highlight the terms that are not in your best interest and prepare you for possible negotiations with your new employer.
How do I protect my intellectual property and trade secrets if I hire someone to help me with confidential work?
If you hire someone to work on your company’s intellectual property, you should be sure to execute the proper employment agreements to protect your rights when the project is completed. An Invention Assignment Agreement, for example, protects a company’s intellectual property when it hires an employee or contractor to help with the project. This type of agreement protects a company’s ownership of a particular work, but other contracts may be necessary to prevent disclosure of confidential information and other legal issues. Be sure to consult with a top employment lawyer before sharing any confidential information or intellectual property with your contractors or employees.
What do I have to provide for people who work for me?
Employees must be compensated at or above the minimum wage for all working hours. Also, federal law requires employers to provide time off for family and medical leave, reasonable accommodations for disabled workers, and a workplace free of harassment and abuse. Federal and state laws impose several other requirements on employers that vary by jurisdiction. In order to be sure you understand what is required by employers in your jurisdiction, consult with an employment lawyer before making any hiring decisions.


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LawTrades was very user-friendly. I contacted them on a Saturday afternoon and was scheduled for a phone appointment that Monday evening. My attorney, Philip H., designed a thorough Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for my website that was directly tailored to my business. The project was completed on time and to my expectations. I will definitely use this service again. Thank you very much Philip!

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