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Who we are at LawTrades
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Legal in the Modern Age

The LawTrades Difference

Future of Legal

Embracing the Internet



Here’s the tried and true formula of
how work has always worked

You’d get a job after high school, college if you were lucky, doing whatever you could that was remotely related to something you thought you might like to do. And if you were even luckier, you’d get to do that exact same job at the same desk with the same people from 9 to 5 Monday through Friday for the rest of your working life. There wasn’t much beyond that, but it worked for most people because that’s the schedule the industrial world ran on.

—Then came the internet

And with it, there was no longer a reason everyone needed to be at the same office at the same time, no reason people couldn’t trade skills and goods all over the world in an instant.

—Armed with handy new tools

Like Slack, PayPal, AWS and Squarespace, the self-employed economy began to grow and with it, more flexibility, more price transparency, more self- satisfaction from work.

—People unshackled themselves

From their desks and began to spend time doing what they actually wanted to do and turning THAT into work they could get paid for.

Which brings us to right now... It’s still not how everyone does things, to be sure, but it is the direction our future is headed in. It’s come the norm, what’s expected. And it’s true across all industries, even the ones you wouldn’t expect.

legal in the
    modern age


So what does all this have to do with us?

Our new world requires a new way of doing business
across all categories.

It’s changed the way we pay for things, travel, shop, eat, get medical care, find a place to live and so much more. But through all that innovation, the legal world hasn’t changed at all. Law firms are basically unchanged in the last 100 years, still operating on an ancient billable hour model that just doesn’t make sense anymore. Add in the fancy offices and insanely-high partner salaries and you can probably see why they’ve been resistant to change. They’ve had it really good for a long time.

The trouble is, the law firm model doesn’t work for consumers anymore, if it ever really did. So we decided to do something about it. The self-employed, self-directed, self-sufficient economy comes to the legal world with LawTrades.


Legal Services & Lawyers on Demand


LawTrades is an internet platform, your hub for
all things legal for your business.

Our model cuts out those insane partner salaries, fancy offices and armies of assistants and passes the savings on to you. We believe sound legal solutions can be found where you already are - online.

Today’s top lawyers are all about the self-employed economy, and they don’t want to be beholden to the stresses of minimum billable hours that say “bill big or go home”. So, they come to us. That means you get the top legal talent around for a fraction of the price you’d be paying a law firm. What you pay goes directly to your lawyer, and we’ve got plenty that specialize in whatever legal issue you’re facing, whether it’s intellectual property rights, employment contracts, or cryptocurrency questions.


Law firms and their lawyers are by nature overextended, taking on too many clients just to make quotas and shareholder goals. With LawTrades, lawyers choose which clients to take on and they get to work at their own pace. So they’re a whole lot less overextended and a whole lot happier. And from our experience, happier people do better work.


No $500 questions here. If you’ve got a question, LawTrades can find you an answer. And quickly. Because we live online (not literally but you know what we mean), we can get you answers fast, usually in a few hours or less.

—Tech savvy

We’re a tech company working in an industry where there are few tech companies. We’re safe and secure, but we’re also modern and won’t send you home with 200 pages of contracts. We can plug into the way you’re already doing business instead of adding another layer on top of it. Efficient When you go straight to the source, you save money. 60% off the cost of most legal services, in fact. We bundle the projects you already know you need to complete at the start, which means more savings and fewer surprises. And you can add on services easily if you need to.

Nothing’s set in stone here.



Young guns

The cause of disruption 

Online living 

Honest rates

Overhead avoiders


Old fashioned

Resistant to disruption

Fancy offices

Hourly rates

Lots of overhead 

the future of legal
is bright

Raad Ahmed. 
Founder & CEO, LawTrades

We might be the first to do legal this way, but we won’t be the last. And that’s exactly what we hope for. We like the idea of law making sense.

Don’t you? 

From industrial revolution to
information revolution.

Working 9 to 5 just doesn’t work anymore 

The industrial revolution built the 9 to 5 model because we needed people in the same place at the same time to make stuff. In today’s information age, we don’t need to stick to that schedule any longer, one that we weren’t designed to thrive in at all. 

We can now have fewer lawyers 

Doing the work that used to take many. As human beings, we’re inherently self-interested. And when we work for ourselves instead of a taskmaster boss who doesn’t have our ideals or interests in mind, we work harder, smarter, and faster. And when that happens, we have more free time to spend doing what we actually like to do, leading to a lot fewer nights burning the midnight oil and a lot happier, more fulfilled lawyers. 

AI is our friend 

AI’s powers should be used to enhance the way we solve legal problems. Some people fear AI because they think it will replace human workers. But we don’t see it that way. We see AI as an additional way to enhance our intelligence, not replace it. AI can work alongside us to solve legal problems in groundbreaking new ways and become a lawyer’s best friend. Awesome computing power need not be feared. It should be embraced and used to our advantage. 


Embracing the internet 

LawTrades x YEC, July 14 
New York, NY

Get online or get left behind.  


The cloud is a business’ greatest asset.

The cloud is a business’ greatest asset, lowering upfront costs and creating opportunities to grow larger and faster than ever before. As time goes on, internet-based companies will continue to outperform the ones who stay stuck in the past (ahem… big law firms) and leave them in the dust.

Tomorrow’s most successful companies might not even look like the ones we know today, and the companies that are the most “innovative” will simply become the norm. Everyone else will be left behind.

LawTrades is all about embracing this new world and what it can do to enhance the way we work, solve problems and spend our time. 


The new legal frontier is being paved one project at a time. And we can’t wait for you to join us for the ride.