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30+ spiffy legal templates available at the click of a button.

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If you’re creating your own company, there are going to be a lot of legal hurdles to jump along the way.

You’re going to need partnership agreements, joint venture agreements and a whole lot more. Lucky for you, it’s all available here in the Contract Library. 

Whats Inside


When you’re looking to build your team, you’re going to make sure you have offer letters, employee agreements, NDAs, consulting agreements and all that jazz.

Make it official and protect yourself and your future team members as you grow. 

Whats Inside


Legal roadblocks are going to come up almost as soon as you get started. That’s a fact of doing business.

Keep your company going strong with impressive demand letters, corporate resolution, release of liability and more.  

Whats Inside


As your company grows, you’ll need to start thinking about monetizing for the future.

Documents like convertible notes and term sheets are your peace of mind, taking the pressure off you when it comes to fundraising and planning ahead. 

All you need, nothing you don't.

There are lots of legal documents out there. But Product Hunters like you only want the best, so that’s what you’ll get. After sifting through over 400 legal documents, this is a curated collection designed to help you build, grow and maintain your business.    

Popular Contracts


Use this consulting agreement to create an agreement regarding professional consulting services.

Hiring a professional consultant

Offering professional consulting services

Whats Inside

NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)

A non-disclosure agreement is a contract requiring specific parties to keep certain information confidential.

Sharing proprietary or private information with another person or business.

Whats Inside

Independant Contractor Agreement

An independent contractor agreement documents all of the legal duties, terms, and conditions associated with freelance work.

Hiring an independent contractor for your startup 

Offering services as an independent contractor.


A partnership agreement defines the scope and responsibilities of individuals forming a business partnership.

Forming a new partnership when you launch your startup 

Clarifying the terms of an existing partnership.


A joint venture agreement creates a partnership between two businesses for specific purposes over a limited amount of time.

Working with another company or individual as partners for the purposes of a single project.

Purchasing an asset that may be shared by multiple companies or individuals.


A non-compete agreement is a contract between an employee and employer that restricts the employee's ability to engage in business which competes with his/her current employer.

Protecting your marketshare incase of an employee turnover 

Protection from legal disputes against former employees.

What is LawTrades?
LawTrades is unlike any legal you’re used to because that’s how they were built. Born out of a defiant spirit and an ambitious objective, LawTrades set out to provide high quality legal services at affordable prices while also leading the way to put the power for attorneys to choose their work for a change.

With LawTrades, you can hire the right lawyer for your business at a fraction of the cost of working with a traditional firm. Their virtual business model uses messaging to get legal work done 24/7 with none of those annoying middlemen driving timing and prices up. And every project has a project manager working alongside you every step of the way. Upfront pricing models means you know what you’re paying 
Why does this exist?
It doesn’t need to cost and arm and a leg to get a legal contract in a hurry. The LawTrades Contracts Library turns a once inaccessible set of documents into an on demand resource anytime you need a legit legal contract to get business done. 
Are the contracts free?
Yes. Download them, customize them to your business, even e-sign them for free. Sure, there’s hope you’ll fall in love and think about using LawTrades’ other services in the future, but it’s not a mandatory. And if not, just think of it as a little legal gift.
Where do the documents come from?
The documents on the LawTrades Contracts Library are all created by experienced LawTrades attorneys, so you can be sure they are all written by someone who knows what the heck they are talking about and not someone random.
How do I know if I am using the right document?
You don’t. Unfortunately, that’s the caveat with using a contract library service. There’s no real person holding your hand through this, so you’ve got to use your best judgement on this one. And if you have no idea, you should probably ask an attorney. And hey, LawTrades has a lot of those who’d be happy to help you out.
This contract needs editing. Can you help?
LawTrades has a ton of lawyers ready to help you out. Book a free consultation and you can ask them about the document you need help with.
Can I add my own documents?
Not quite yet, but this feature will be available soon.
Are the lawyers on LawTrades legit?
All the lawyers on LawTrades are highly trained professionals in the top 1% of their field. They work with LawTrades because they want more flexibility in their work, just like you. It’s why LawTrades can attract some of the best and brightest legal minds around.
I have other questions. Who can I talk to?
You can always reach out to team@lawtrades.com with any questions you don’t see answered here and someone will get back to you ASAP.


Full list
of Contracts:

  • Single Member Operating Agreement
  • Partnership Agreement
  • Joint Venture Agreement
  • Founders Agreement
  • Articles of Organization
  • 83B Election
  • Corporate Resolution
  • Demand Letter
  • MOU
  • Delaware Bylaws
  • Consulting Agreement
  • Employee Agreement
  • Employment Offer
  • NDA(Non-disclosure agreement)
  • Non-Compete
  • Sales Commission Agreement
  • Release of Liability
  • Sales Agreement
  • Service Agreement
  • Terms of Service
  • KISS (Equity)
  • KISS (Debt)SAFE (Simple Agreement for Future Equity) 
  • Series Seed

Looking for affordable legal counsel?

The Contract Library is a great way to see what LawTrades has to offer, but if you want to discuss your legal needs further with a real life, affordable, top-tier legal counselor, you can schedule a free consultation today and they’d be more than happy to chat.  

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