• July 2019
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ICYMI: Scheduling consultations, boost your request, cancel projects, and more.

A quick rundown of some of the latest improvements to LawTrades.


Schedule a quick consultation

Sometimes it just easier to hop on a quick call than message back and forth. This new tool in your dashboard will allow you to do just that, including seeing our lawyers real-time availability and appointment reminders.

Schedule a Consultation


Boost your request

After finishing your intake, you can now boost your request to more lawyers and attract 40% more proposals. All with just one click. 
boost your request


Cancel your request

We get it—sometimes plans change and you might not need our help anymore. So we made it easy to cancel your request and notify all your lawyers that you’re placing this project on hold.

cancel your request


Bugs We Squashed and Improvements

  • Fixed an issue that wouldn’t automatically scroll down to the latest message
  • Fix local issue with lawyer profile stats
  • Hide message room until lawyer makes the first move

Up Next 🛳️

  • Faster client on boarding
  • Time-tracking 
  • Lawyer profile update
  • Archiving
  • Paypal integration


Small improvements like these often come directly from the feedback we get from our clients and lawyers. Share yours by tweeting us at @lawtrades