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Adam Bloom is a business and entertainment attorney who advises companies and artists across the country. He has expertise in all aspects of corporate formation and early-stage business management, including securities, employment, intellectual property issues. His corporate litigation background also allows him to advise clients regarding dispute resolution. Adam began his legal career practice law in New York City after earning his law degree from UCLA Law. Since then, Adam has returned to Los Angeles where he’s opened up his own law firm and film company.


University of California, Los Angeles- School of Law

JD, Law -2008

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Cornell University

B.A. -2008

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Space Oddity -Present

Founding Partner

Adam Bloom Esq. PC -2014-2017

Edgerton & Weaver


Edgerton & Weaver LLP -2012-2014
Davis Polk & Wardwell -2007

Office: New York, NY

Available weekdays: 9am – 5pm

Practice Areas


A C Corporation (C-Corp) is a standard corporation that allows for an unlimited number of individuals or companies to own a portion of the company by distributing shares of stock. It offers protection to owners, investors, and officers from liability resulting from its actions.

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Limited Liability Company

Start the company you’ve always wanted. An LLC lawyer can help you form an LLC – the popular choice with its robust personal protection and flexibility.

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9 reviews for Adam Bloom

  1. E. Engel

    Adam helped me negotiate a year long business divorce against 4 seasoned investors and a national law firm. With Adam on our team, we were more creative and better prepared. Adam took all of my off-hours, distressed strategy calls. He responded to emails within 1 – 2 hours. He was transparent about what he knew and what he believed would take research. He let me choose whether or not to conduct the research. He held his ground on calls with the other side. His work product is crisp and flawless. He takes great pride in producing polished work. Adam’s fees were extremely reasonable. He comes up with colorful metaphors that made me smile during the darkest times. In the end, the divorce completed successfully. I highly recommend Adam to any entrepreneur who is negotiating with investors. If I could have done anything differently, I would have hired Adam earlier before I let the investors into my company.

  2. Seida

    I had been confused for some time regarding a legal matter. I had consulted many people and gotten the run around. When I brought it to Adam – he laid it out cut and dry for me. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking fro straight forward answers.

  3. Jason

    Adam did a great job helping me form an LLC and draft other necessary items for my online business including privacy policy, terms of service, etc. Adam was great at identifying possible areas of liability. I would highly recommend Adam to anyone looking for help starting a company online.

  4. Gabrielle

    Mr. Bloom wrote a mortgage agreement for my family (and then a revised mortgage later). I felt confident that he would independently execute the mortgage accurately. He worked quickly, explained everything to us clearly, and didn’t need to be prompted. Great experience- would return to him for future contracts.

  5. Alec

    Adam Bloom did a great job in identifying, explaining, and processing everything necessary to set up my LLC. He explained every step and made sure we were on the same page the whole time. He was able to answer my questions and got everything done without hassle and in excellent time.

  6. Jennifer

    Adam helped me negotiate my employment contract when I was in a group medical practice back in 2010. He showed me what was boiler plate and what was unique to my contract. We went through it together and he made modifications that served my interest. My employer at that time accepted those changes without issue. Since then he has also helped me as a solo practitioner from reading my lease agreement to reviewing letters I had to write to insurance companies regarding patient claims. I have always appreciated his kindness, attention to detail, and that whatever I called about was never ‘too small’ for him to take care of.

  7. Alex

    Adam Bloom is a superb attorney with speedy turnaround. It’s safe to say that his services were a game-changer for my business.

  8. Staci

    We’re a very small startup and needed a lawyer for our ToS and Privacy Policy. Great job connecting us with the right lawyer with the right expertise! The process was easy and painless with good communication along the way.

  9. Kevin

    Well done, thanks for the help.

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