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Ahaji helps businesses and individuals protect their assets through various legal mechanisms, including intellectual property laws. She’s a serial entrepreneur and understands how to shield a business from common mistakes that prove costly for startups. Ahaji is a multifaceted attorney who skillfully practices both healthcare and intellectual property law. She has both big-firm transactional and litigation experience, as well as in-house experience at healthcare institutions. She is licensed to practice law in North Carolina and Texas. She is also registered to practice before the US Patent & Trademark Office, which enables her to practice federal intellectual property law anywhere in the United States. She has offices in North Carolina and Chicago.


Ahaji Amos

Founding Member

Ahaji Amos, PLLC -2017

Senior Consultant

Series A Institute -2017

General Counsel

U.S. Medical Supplies, Inc. -2017





Office: Raleigh, NC

Available weekdays: 9am – 5pm



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