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Chris Way’s goal is to help small and mid sized businesses develop and implement strategies to control their destinies. He is committed to promoting understanding. People make better decisions, achieve better results, and are empowered to participate in making their plan when they have greater understanding. Chris concentrates on three primary areas: formation issues, contract issues, and counsel issues. Formation issues are all about identifying goals and developing strategies to help businesses work in efficient and harmonious manners to maximize success. Contract issues are about designing transactions in a way that provides control over outcomes. Counsel issues are about understanding challenges and developing strategies to navigate complex law. Chris’ favorite thing about his practice is being an active guide and companion in the entrepreneurial adventure. When he’’s not working Chris enjoys time with family, playing drums, hiking, reading non-fiction, and almost any movie or TV show that isn’t particularly dramatic.


University of Kentucky

University of Kentucky

JD, Law -2011


Way Law PLLC -2017

Associate Attorney

Stoll Keenon Ogden PLLC -2011


Office: Richmond, VA

Available weekdays: 9am – 5pm

Practice Areas


A C Corporation (C-Corp) is a standard corporation that allows for an unlimited number of individuals or companies to own a portion of the company by distributing shares of stock. It offers protection to owners, investors, and officers from liability resulting from its actions.

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Limited Liability Company

Start the company you’ve always wanted. An LLC lawyer can help you form an LLC – the popular choice with its robust personal protection and flexibility.

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9 reviews for Christopher W.

  1. Todd M.

    Christopher is concise and knowledgeable and I look forward to doing business with him repeatedly in the future.

  2. Christopher G.

    Chris was very responsive and patient. I really appreciate the time he took to give us confidence that he understood our needs. Thanks, Chris!

  3. Jason B.

    Chris did a great job, was professional and got back to me very quickly. I would use this service again and also contact Chris again for his attorney services.

  4. Joao C.

    Christopher was spectacular, he not only met my ridiculously tight deadline but did it flawlessly, he quickly had all the answers to any possible question I had and I am very satisfied with the service.

  5. Gideon S.

    Chris Way has been absolutely great to work with. I know very little about contract law and he’s been very patient and thorough to make sure I understand everything along the way and am completely covered. I can’t recommend him more highly.

  6. Nicco L.

    Chris did a lot of research for us and put together a few TOS agreements that we are very, very happy with. We’re going to hire him again for a new project this week.

  7. Susan S.

    The whole process flowed very well and quickly, resulting in exactly what we needed at an affordable price, with no unnecessary bells and whistles. And I feel like in Christopher, we’ve found someone who can help us with future projects that build on the work he’s completed for us. Thanks for a great experience!

  8. Dewan F.

    Wonderful experience. Chris is knowledgeable, helpful and efficient. We highly recommend him!

  9. Amber

    Great work! Thank you!

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