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Dana Miller is a Maryland attorney whose practice focuses on counseling individuals and business owners on civil and tax matters. She runs a boutique firm in the greater Baltimore and Annapolis regions in the areas of business, contracts, estate planning and wills, non-profits, mediation, and tax. Dana received her J.D., cum laude, from American University Washington College of Law in 2011 and Master of Law in Taxation from the University of Baltimore in 2015.


American University Washington College of Law

American University Washington College of Law

JD, Law -2010

Owner and Principal Attorney

DM Law LLC -2017

Associate and Supervising Attorney for the Small Business Division

Weinstock. Friedman & Friedman -2015

Contract Attorney

Special Counsel -2013

Office: Pasadena, MD

Available weekdays: 9am – 5pm


4 reviews for Dana M.

  1. Olivier P.

    Dana was quick and insightful in our exchanges. Excellent work!

  2. Ryan M.

    Very easy to work with. Recommended!

  3. Afeef Z.

    Dana has been very helpful throughout the process. Looking forward to engaging with her again.

  4. Cheryl A.

    I received an immediate response from LawTrades and solved crucial issues and gained expert legal advice extinguishing a potential long battle !! Quite literally Priceless !

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