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Daniel Braverman is an entrepreneur and corporate attorney practicing in the areas of entity structuring and formation, general business advising, hedge funds, and the representation of individuals and companies ranging from startups to multinationals. He typically assists startups with issues including corporate and LLC structuring, joint ventures and strategic partnering relationships, mergers and acquisitions, contracts, and employment law. Daniel has broad experience after serving as general counsel, director of corporate strategy, and chief compliance officer for other large organizations. Daniel earned his law degree from Harvard.


harvard law school

Harvard Law School

JD, Law -2004

princeton university

Princeton University

B.A., Religion -1999

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Private Practice -Present

cca global partners

Corporate Counsel

CCA Global Partners -2013


Capital Markets Attorney

Goodwin Procter LLP -2006

Office: Boston, MA

Available weekdays: 9am – 5pm


Practice Areas


A C Corporation (C-Corp) is a standard corporation that allows for an unlimited number of individuals or companies to own a portion of the company by distributing shares of stock. It offers protection to owners, investors, and officers from liability resulting from its actions.

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Limited Liability Company

Start the company you’ve always wanted. An LLC lawyer can help you form an LLC – the popular choice with its robust personal protection and flexibility.

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27 reviews for Daniel B.

  1. Hemze N.

    Very helpful.

  2. Sailaja J.

    Working with Daniel was a wonderful and easy experience. He provided us with clear, concise information in regards to my KISS document which helped me out a lot! looking forward to working with him again.

  3. Alia S.


  4. Colt T.

    Dan was very responsive and helpful. He took any feedback I had and tailored the message to highlight the points I thought should be made, while still providing and imparting his own legal advice and experience. If I have a need for additional services in the future, I will definitely work with Dan.

  5. Zach R.

    Great experience, fast turnaround

  6. Deepak C.

    Daniel was excellent! Very quick, efficient, and to the tee of what we discussed. Will definitely work with him again and it was great to see that he was knowledgeable about Private equity real estate contracts, specifically in Florida which is what we needed here. Law Trades was also very timely in finding him for such a specific request. Definitely would recommend!

  7. Reed I.

    Dan helped me understand my contract as I was planning to leave my position for a new one. He was prompt and professional.

  8. Michael T.

    Great service

  9. Kevin S.

    Daniel was very prompt and professional with conducting the necessary legal research requested and in responding to my very specific legal questions. He was very knowledgeable and provided clear and concise consel with respect to my needs. I would definitely recommend his services and plan to work with him in the future.

  10. J.D. C.

    Dan did awesome with my incorporation project. Was super quick, efficient, and communicated wonderfully. Would definitely use again!

  11. Andrea S.

    The set up with Law Trades was painless. I received clear and prompt communication and when the first account manager had left for the day and couldn’t respond to a question, another one picked right back up. She quickly found a very reasonably priced proposal for me from an excellent lawyer, Daniel Braverman. ↵↵Dan was super quick and got me exactly what I needed. There was one little “hick-up” but Dan immediately rectified it fully. He answered all my questions and explained things well. I can recommend both Law Trades and Dan for their customer service and expert services. Thank you!

  12. Michael D.

    This was my first project on LawTrades and overall it was a good one. We ran into some problems with sharing documents, and it wasn’t very apparent to me that there was an “attachment” icon next to the Send button in chat. It’s gray and if you are working in a multi-monitor environment, the angle hides it so it’s not obvious that you can share. So that was sort of on me.↵↵Getting past that, Dan’s work was great and exactly what I was looking for, ultimately I should say. In the rough draft, he hit two of my pet peeves in not properly casing my last name (it’s of French origin), and the name of my business (it’s two words put together, the second should be upper-cased). I’m an attention-to-detail sort of person and I want to especially see this from any legal resource in which I am doing business with, because, you know, laws and stuff. :)↵↵But past the pet peeves, the end result is exactly what I was looking for when I set out for this project. Dan was able to find all the pertinent, important, and relevant information, and he was able to incorporate my notes really well. I sent him back an adjusted draft with further notes and adjustments, and he was able to put the finishing touches on it. The resulting product has a great feel to it and I am very happy with how it looks and reads. Again, it’s exactly what I envisioned when I was envisioning its initial design and contents.↵↵Additionally, Dan was able to work on my schedule and delivered precisely on the day I had circled in my planner when I truly expected this to be done. That’s how you draw it up.↵↵All in all, I am a “fan of Dan” (ha ha!) and look forward to working with him again, especially now that he is aware of my pet peeves. 🙂

  13. Omar N.

    It was a pleasure working with Dan – he provided us with great clarity and guidance on legal issues pertaining to our project. Would highly recommend his services.

  14. Joshua H.

    Wanted to thank you for the truly masterful job you have done with the PPM and for being patient, understanding, and providing us with excellent service all around. You are a true superstar! Of course that’s par for the course given your Alma Mater!

  15. Thomas C.

    I am a first time client of law trades and I found service very easy to use. My questions were answered within 24 hours. I Will definitely be using this service in the future

  16. Kevin S.

    Mr. Braverman went above and beyond to ensure a professional and productive working relationship. He took the time to understand our situation and worked diligently to ensure our satisfaction with his counsel. I would highly recommend the services of Mr. Braverman.

  17. Spencer S.

    Quick & easy but also thorough and extremely helpful. Everything went perfectly.

  18. Kassandra T.

    Quick, Efficient, and easy to understand.

  19. James B.

    I initially contacted Dan for guidance on startup formation procedures. I was impressed by his candid and direct responses, and went on to ask for further help protecting my IP during customer demos by drawing up appropriate NDA and confidentiality agreements.↵↵Dan was quick to respond to questions I posed to him, and completed the work well before the deadline.↵↵I will not hesitate to contact Dan the next time I need advice.

  20. Ornella P.

    Daniel was very helpful, created my documents in a timely manner and was great to communicate with.

  21. ALTUG T.

    Extremely knowledgeable, fast, efficient service.

  22. Saad M.

    Smooth experience overall.

  23. Scott H.

    Quick, competent, and a nice guy … easy to work with. Can’t ask for anything more.

  24. Brandon P.

    Dan made it easy to get our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy done in a timely manner. I would gladly use his services again for our legal needs.

  25. Jeff L.

    Daniel was very knowledgable and professional. I would definitely use him again.

  26. Priyatam M.

    Reviewed my vendor contract and suggested a subtle change that reduced my personal liability. Will work again with him.

  27. Priyatam M.

    Reviewed my vendor contract and suggested its validity, clarified my questions, and recommended minor and medium changes for me to consider for additional fee. I considered minor changes and client accepted them. Worked for all.

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