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Francis “Frank” Gleason, Jr. is an attorney with a large range of experience. He represents early-stage companies as well as individuals, focusing his practice on business and employment litigation, contract drafting and negotiation, and corporate compliance/risk reduction. Frank also serves as local counsel and outside general counsel to corporations.

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Connecticut School of Law

JD, Law -1989

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Gleason & Gleason, P.C. -2004-Present

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Vice President

Biofertec, Ltd. -1997-2003

Office: Ashland, MA

Available weekdays: 9am – 5pm

Practice Areas

lawtrades services employment contract


Find employment contract lawyers to solidify your working relationships.

  • Confirm your legal compliance
  • Documents tailored to your business
  • Have an employment contract lawyer to turn to

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Privacy Policy

Experienced Privacy Policy lawyers available on-demand to help you create a privacy policy.

  • Get a better understanding
  • You won’t waste your time
  • You’re more likely to be approved

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