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Gabriel Mbanefo is a dual-qualified commercial and IP lawyer, who is licensed to practice law in both New York and England. His practice is primarily geared towards serving the needs of U.S. and foreign entrepreneurs either looking to start a business in the U.S. or expand overseas. Gabriel also has extensive experience assisting clients with domestic and international trademarks and copyrights as well.


University of Nottingham (UK)

LLM, International Commercial Law -2005

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Principal Attorney

Law Offices of Gabriel C. Mbanefo, P.C. -Present

Brand First Ltd


Brand First Ltd -2014

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Law Offices of K.C. Okoli, P.C. -2011

Office: New York, NY

Available weekdays: 9am – 5pm

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A utility patent lawyer will help you protect the creation of a new or improved product, process or machine and is by far the most common filed patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

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Protecting your trademark can pay dividends. It’s also your brand and your reputation. You’ve established is associated with these different brand elements: your name, logo, and tagline.

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34 reviews for Gabriel M.

  1. Carlos V.

    Gabriel was very professional and helpful. He knew what I needed and understand what I needed. I would hire him any time to another job.

  2. Kevin B.

    I was very pleased with Gabriel’s work. He was very responsive and worked with me to craft a customized terms and conditions document as well as a privacy statement for my website. I would highly recommend him.

  3. Miguel T.

    Very great to work with. Quick turn around times and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Gabriel to anyone interested in any legal matters. He helped me establish my company and get my Trademarks!

  4. Miguel T.

    Had a great overall experience. I was about to start my company and register two Trademarks. I had many questions and Gabriel had many answers, he was a great help and pleasure to work with. I will definitely recommend Law Trades to friends and will most likely plan on using it again in the future.

  5. Omar Q.

    Excellent lawyer with rich knowledge, had enough focus and time to engage with me and the details of a complicated case and was able to help during all steps till a final successful result. I strongly recommend working with him.

  6. Rami A.

    Gabriel provided a great 1-on-1 experience and spent the time to find everything out about my businesses to correctly and quickly file for my trademark. Highly recommended!

  7. Stephen C.

    Gabriel has been amazing so far!! high marks and very thoughtful on advice and billing. Knows a great deal about US trademark law and has given wise counsel on how to handle best and the forks in the road. I would recommend him highly.

  8. Nahid T.

    Everything in a timely manner or earlier.

  9. Tristan D.

    It has been very easy working with Gabriel. Everything is explained clearly and quickly.

  10. Nahid T.

    Excellent Lawyer!

  11. Nadi S.

    Thank you Gabriel.

  12. Menghan F.

    My company needed a review of our terms and privacy policy for our website, and Gabriel was able to deliver within the quick time frame we needed. Overall, we had a quick and convenient experience working with Gabriel.

  13. Nahid T.

    Amazing work all the time.

  14. Andreas M.

    Excellent collaboration. Gabe provided prompt and clear research feedback as requested.

  15. Shem B.

    Gabriel explained difficult issues in a clear and easy manner. 5 star service, I’m very pleased! Although my legal issue was complicated, the whole LawTrades process was much more simple than I thought it would be.

  16. Rami A.

    Gabriel completed our international trademark quickly and efficiently. He’s a great business & trademark attorney who we’ll gladly continue working with on future projects!

  17. Pawel I.

    Thanks Gabriel.

  18. Mykola A.

    Pleasure to work with Gabriel, strongly recommended attorney.

  19. Alex R.

    Very helpful

  20. Pawel I.

    Always good working with Gabriel

  21. Pawel I.

    Great, thanks Gabriel.

  22. Steve S.

    I found Gabriel to be a pleasure to work with. Punctual and concise communications both verbally and written. Very cost effective advice on a quite complex issue concerning international taxation, the way forward for me is now much clearer. Would not hesitate to use again in the future.

  23. Sven F.

    Great experience!↵↵Say goodbye to ridiculously high attorney fees and say hello to the modern legal work, done correctly.↵↵Highly recommend LawTrades. I will be using them again in the future.

  24. Pawel I.

    Thanks, always great working with Gabriel.

  25. Rami A.

    Gabriel provides expert advice and executes agreements flawlessly. Will be hiring again!

  26. Freddie T.

    Gabriel has been very professional and efficient with helping us with our trademark project.

  27. Erin H.

    Gabriel was very thorough, went through the agreement section by section, and very clearly and concisely explained everything. He also answered all questions and did not rush through the document he had reviewed. I am very happy with the work he did and our conversation. I was able to implement changes that he suggested, and ended up with an agreement that clarified important points that were to my benefit. Thank you, Gabriel and also to Jerry, the Project Manager – he very helpful and communicative, and checked in several times throughout the process. All in all, a very pleasant interaction during what was a stressful time.

  28. Rafael R.

    Great person can’t wait to continue working with him on my projects.

  29. Yoonki L.

    Very efficient.

  30. Nick T.

    Gabriel gave me some great advice and information on a necessary portion of my business. Would work with again!

  31. Ryan E.

    Gabriel was exactly what I needed. He provided detailed answers to all of my questions and gave excellent advice. Would 100% work with him again. Thanks again for all the help.

  32. Boris M.

    Good work. Would recommend.

  33. Yoonki L.

    Very efficient. Minimal touch. Overall very satisfied.

  34. Amy L.

    Gabriel is the best lawyer I’ve worked with because he is clear, to the point, and extremely well spoken to the point that I as a layman to most legal terms, he made everything make sense to me. He also give the best legal advice and information in response to your questions. Thanks Gabriel, we will work together on our future projects very soon!
    Thank you! Amy

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