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Jared Stark is a Florida-based lawyer who represents startups, small businesses, and entrepreneurs. Jared earned his law degree from Georgetown and began his career at Latham & Watkins LLP, one of the largest and most prestigious corporate law firms in the world. Jared now runs his own practice and routinely helps entrepreneurs launch their companies, register trademarks, draft and negotiate contracts, advise on employment law, and settle business disputes before they become lawsuits.



The Kolter Group -2014



Latham & Watkins -2013

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Law Clerk

Coburn & Greenbaum PLLC -2011

Office: Boca Raton, FL

Available weekdays: 9am – 5pm


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A C Corporation (C-Corp) is a standard corporation that allows for an unlimited number of individuals or companies to own a portion of the company by distributing shares of stock. It offers protection to owners, investors, and officers from liability resulting from its actions.

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Limited Liability Company

Start the company you’ve always wanted. An LLC lawyer can help you form an LLC – the popular choice with its robust personal protection and flexibility.

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46 reviews for Jared S.

  1. Adam L.

    Jared was great. Hired him. He got done exactly what I needed and he was great to work with.

  2. Shawn .

    My experience with Jared Stark has been great. He’s been responsive to all communication and, overall, pleasant to work with.

  3. Jorge R.

    Overall, I had a great experience working with Jared Stark. One thing that really stood out to me is that he was sincere and eager, not only to finish the job, but to do so in a way that worked best my time, budget and future goals. Jared Stark was always quick to reply and make himself available both during consultation before accepting his proposal and throughout the period of our contract. I will definitely be hiring Jared Stark again for my future legal needs.

  4. Matt N.

    Jared Stark was fantastic. He gave me a low, flat-fee price that included everything I needed. After we had a phone conversation to kick things off, he sent over a set of questions for me to answer so he could put together a first draft of the documents I needed. He got them to me very promptly. I had a few small revisions, which he quickly made and then sent me final copies. Jared got me exactly what I needed. He did such a great job.

  5. Parth S.

    I’m beyond pleased with Jared Stark’s services. For starters, his price was reasonable, compared to some of the other lawyers who wanted to charge TRIPLE the price to read an Employment Agreement. Secondly he was able to able to read and get back to me the very same day. Lastly but most importantly Mr. Stark emailed and called me to go over the contract, his notes and recommendations. Thanks to Mr. Stark, my new employer accepted all recommended changes and I felt confident signing the contract. I will keep Jared in mind for all of my future needs and i will highly recommend him to my friends and family. I thank him for his service.

  6. Jake C.

    Jared was a very open and forthcoming lawyer. From the moment we spoke he was able to put time away to discuss anything regarding my matter. He did not charge me extra on any questions I had after he created my corporation as well. He was up front about his fees, and what he would do for me, and stuck to it.

  7. Petimat .

    Jared was extremely helpful and prompt with his responses. We became incorporated within a few days. Jared got us through the process extremely quickly with no headache. I full-heartedly recommend Jared for any of your incorporation needs.

  8. Tim B.

    Jared Stark is an excellent lawyer and individual. He understood our needs and worked hard and fast to get BoomFlint a terms of use and privacy policy when we were in a crunch. He even guaranteed that he would revise the documents free of charge if we ran into any unforseen problems with Apples App Store review. Thank you Jared and LawTrades.

  9. Vivek N.

    Very good job with the project!

  10. Micaela M.

    Prompt and professional – couldn’t ask for anything more. 

  11. Michael C.

    Jared is very helpful, quick and precise. He helped me create a trademark for my product. Will file another one with him soon!

  12. James K.

    Fantastic lawyer. Couldn’t have asked for more.

  13. Michael C.

    job well done..again

  14. Robert .

    Jared is the best! 

  15. Jake L.

    Jared is fantastic. Would highly recommend LawTrades to friends, and in fact already have, because of the experience we’ve had. Super super helpful. Honestly couldn’t ask for more!

  16. Isaac U.

    Excellent! Very fast, it is nice to work with an experienced lawyer like Jared.

  17. Sean B.

    Jared is excellent! He is very knowledgeable about many aspects of the law, very patient, and very fast.

  18. Joe H.

    Starting my first online business, needed a PP and TOC. The documents Jared delivered addressed a large variety of liability concerns that would have never occurred to me. Well worth the up front cost to protect my business from future liability. Very responsive, sometimes I’d get an email follow up at 8pm.

  19. John H.

    A great experience. Jared provided prompt and competent service with the filing of our trademark application. It was the perfect middle ground between the “do-it-yourself” approach and using a full-priced firm.

  20. Dustin R.

    Jared, has been very professional and provided great insight to some of the considerations we have included into our contract/agreements.

  21. Joseph B.

    Polite, professional, and Prompt. Jared is very helpful and will be referring him to our associates and doing business with him in the future

  22. Zach W.

    Fast and efficient help for submitting federal trademark application. Pleased with the quick response.

  23. Bexley Labs .

    Jared has helped me with numerous trademark applications, a delaware LLC formation & contract reviews. He is nice, smart, personable and professional. He is my go to guy for legal stuff.

  24. Debora K.

    It was a great experience. Jared was very patient with me and explained everything to me up front. It was easy to communicate and I didn’t even have to make an appointment or drive to an office. I loved that the most because I didn’t have to take time off work. I would highly recommend to everyone. Thanks so much!

  25. Mohnish C.

    Jared was awesome to work with! He always clarified any doubts that I had throughout the process and ensured that the project moved along in a timely manner

  26. Cory H.

    Jared was quick to communicate and effectively created the legal agreements we needed, all in a format we can use and customize on our own. Well done.

  27. Martin G.

    very professional and swift.

  28. Amber .

    Awesome as always. 🙂

  29. Nat S.

    Jared did a wonderful job!

  30. ethan s.

    Jared was knowledgeable and very responsive. ↵↵He went over my job contract point by point, answering my questions and making the distinction between what was industry standard and where perhaps the company was taking an aggressive stance in the contract.↵↵I’m very satisfied with Jared and LawTrades.

  31. Michael L.

    Jared was wonderful, he was extremely communicative with us through the entire process, and did well beyond what we expected. I would highly reccomend Jared.

  32. Edward H.

    I’m the owner of a small one-man mobile apps start-up. When I came across LawTrades online and saw its positive reviews, I knew they were just what I needed. Simple, task specific, and a good price for quality work. ↵↵Contact was quick and painless. My assigned lawyer, Jared, was on top of it from day one. While it did take a little longer to get the work done that I needed. It was exactly what I needed and ahead of my deadline. I will certainly use them again for any future needs.

  33. Nat S.


  34. Steve P.

    Another awesome job by Jared. Great communication and follow through.↵Cheers!

  35. Jeremy G.

    Great experience! Looking forward to doing more work in the future.

  36. Jeremy G.

    Great experience! Thank you very much.

  37. Alonso F.

    Jared was great, to the point and flexible to understand our business and represent it via our Terms and Conditions. Final price of our deal was true to his time and $ estimate at the begining.

  38. Dave B.

    Jared did a great job

  39. Donald S.

    Excellent! Great service, great communication, great outcome.

  40. Jeremy H.

    Great comms and standard of work. And I’m impressed with the platform, too.↵↵Thanks,↵↵Jeremy↵↵——–

  41. Michael R.

    Everything was great. Thanks to Jared, we got the contract we were looking for as well as the company operating agreement. Also all of our questions were taken care of.

  42. Frank -.

    great work by Mr Jarrer Stark, and completed in a short timeline

  43. David P.

    Great experience. Prompt communication and messaging. Highly recommended

  44. Krisztian Z.

    Great communications! I am pleased with the quality as well. Thank you!

  45. Bob T.

    Loved working with Jared. Very prompt and professional.

  46. Luis V.

    Arman and Jared were both amazing, very responsive and did not mind at all that we changed the project about 4 times and we then took very long reviewing the documents. Jared’s work was fast, efficient and top notch. Highly recommended!

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