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Indianapolis, IN

Years Practicing: 36 yrs
Overall Rating: 5 Stars
Times Rehired: 13
Total Projects Completed: 75
Total Reviews: 9




John is a highly-experienced trademark and business attorney based in Indianapolis. He was a former trademark and copyright attorney for 9 years at BP. Thereafter, he served as VP as Trademark Counsel at Harley Davidson for 6 years. After a serving as a Partner at a law firm, John has been running his own firm since 2006. He enjoys helping clients understand the legal issues that surround intellectual property law, especially the issues involving trademarks, works of authorship and the Internet.


SUNY Buffalo

JD, Law -1983

Work History

Copyright / Trademark Counsel

British Petroleum (BP) -1995


Vice President, Trademark Counsel

Harley-Davidson, Inc. -2001



Baker & Daniels, LLC -2004


Of Counsel

Woodard Emhardt Moriarty -2005



Law Office of John Richard Troll -2017

8 reviews for John T.

  1. Suzett E.

    John Troll was wonderful. Very professional, yet engaged and friendly. I especially liked the careful way he spent time listening to me and understanding me and my business, so as to develop the best agreement for my needs. High praise!

  2. Adnaan W.

    Great review of the contract with pricise details on advise.

  3. Adnaan W.

    Amazing job with great attention to details. Super highly recommended.

  4. Kyle S.

    John Troll was detail-oriented, professional, and quick. I had a great experience and will work with him again.

  5. Pablo I.

    Working with Mr Troll was amazing.↵He was incredibly polite, very interested in our project, gave us some extra advices, and completed the work in question in the very same day!↵We will certainly re-hire Mr Troll for future works.

  6. Mario S.

    I like John. ↵↵We’ve only spoken a couple of times and communicated mostly through email. ↵↵I immediately got a sense that I was dealing with a person of integrity and intelligence. ↵↵I had no doubt – that my interests would be in good hands.↵↵It would be nice, to meet more people like John Troll, in everyday life.

  7. Julie Y.

    This experience exceeded my expectations. Thank you for helping me so efficiently with the milestone of filing my trademark application. John Troll was a great listener and I felt he really understood my professional services and what I was trying to accomplish with my new company name. He also took the time to educate me about the trademark filing process. I recommend him highly.

  8. Steve O.

    I needed an opinion letter on a copyright issue. In my naivete, I thought it was a very simple project. I was wrong.↵↵John attacked the project from more angles than I expected and each angle required research. I was kept up to date on drafts and John incorporated my comments when reasonable.↵↵The final product was perfect.

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