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Jon is an attorney who has worked in the startup space for years. Prior to starting his own practice, Jon served as the General Counsel of, a successful startup that has grown into one of the Web’s premier elementary and middle school test prep and school enrichment websites. As General Counsel, Jon was responsible for compliance, transactional, corporate, intellectual property, and regulatory matters. Since launching his practice, Jon has worked with over 100 clients ranging from mobile apps, to social networks, to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products, to digital agencies, and many others. Jon speaks with every client about their needs and provides a tailored solution that fits their business. Jon graduated cum laude from the Pace University School of Law, where he was an Articles Editor of the Pace Law Review. He was admitted to practice in New York in 2012.


Law Offices of Jonathan L. Hood


Law Offices of Jonathan L. Hood -Present

General Counsel -2014


Legal Affairs Correspondent -2010

Office: New York, NY

Available weekdays: 9am – 5pm

Practice Areas


A C Corporation (C-Corp) is a standard corporation that allows for an unlimited number of individuals or companies to own a portion of the company by distributing shares of stock. It offers protection to owners, investors, and officers from liability resulting from its actions.

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Limited Liability Company

Start the company you’ve always wanted. An LLC lawyer can help you form an LLC – the popular choice with its robust personal protection and flexibility.

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56 reviews for Jonathan H.

  1. Shivaji R.

    Jon gave me a thorough explanation of a contract in a very short time. He was informative and easy to work with.

  2. Melba a.

    Jon was able to answer all my questions regarding what I can vs. should do. I am still working with him after the formation of my LLCs for all my other attorney needs. Great experience !

  3. Audiokite .

    The words “lawyer” and “approachable” may not always go hand in hand, but it’s true in this case. From my initial contact with Jon and with each successive correspondence we’ve exchanged, Jon has been detailed, patient, and easy to talk to. Most importantly, he understood the startup space and knew right away what items needed to be taken care of.

  4. Andrea N.

    We talked often through email and phone. He gives a lot of good advice, writes up the legal docs quickly, and helped us research when we needed to find litigators in our area that fit our situation.

  5. Dave C.

    Jon helped us incorporate and get our startup all set to raise our first round of funding. Easy to work with, very friendly. We’ll be using his services again in the near future.

  6. Cuong P.

    Jon was great to work with.

  7. Collin F.

    I worked with Jon on our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy documents. His turnaround was very fast and he was extremely thorough and helpful throughout the process. He would often respond late night and even on weekends. He is very knowledgable, which made me even more comfortable that I had all of my bases covered. Many things he included I hadn’t thought about and hadn’t seen in previous documents. Overall, great experience.

  8. Nick .

    I worked with Jon on our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy documents. His turnaround was very fast and he was extremely thorough and helpful throughout the process. He would often respond late night and even on weekends. He is very knowledgable, which made me even more comfortable that I had all of my bases covered. Many things he included I hadn’t thought about and hadn’t seen in previous documents. Overall, great experience

  9. Jamie S.

    Was in a jam and needed to have a contract reviewed really fast. Jon took care of it.

  10. Connie .

    We found Jon Hood through LawTrades. He was so helpful! Very personable, fast to respond and he helped us incorporate. Highly recommended & will be using his services again.

  11. Josh .

    The job completed was 3 different terms of service agreements. Very good communication, several rounds of appraisal which felt precise.

  12. Jenny .

    We really appreciate the fact that Jon gave us a discount for the contract-review gig. However, we got what we paid off — we got the impression that Jon did not spend much time on it at all. Some really obvious mistakes were not caught. It felt as thought he only spent 2 minutes. :/ I’m sorry Jon. Really loved what you did for our first project. But this one fell through. 🙁

  13. Daniel H.

    Jon is awesome. Will work with him again!

  14. Daniel H.

    Jon is awesome 

  15. Matt .

    Great work!

  16. Scott T.

    Jon’s work is always expedient and exactly what we ask for. He charges fairly and delivers on time every time.

  17. Allen W.

    Great advice. Great speed. Great price. Thanks!

  18. Scott R.

    We were extremely pleased with Jonathan’s work and would highly recommend him. We needed a Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Contract drawn up that was different from the standard due to our unique business model. Jonathan was able to provide us with top quality work with a fast turn around time. Great communication, and extremely knowledgeable.

  19. Daniel Y.

    Jon is my go-to guy for any Legal matters. I’ve been a client of his for the last 2 years and he’s been very professional with his services. He helps his clients in a timely manner and I definitely recommend him for any Legal services.

  20. Brett G.

    great service and communication. will use him again.

  21. Michael W.

    Jonathan was great to work with on creating our S-Corp. His guidance was helpful throughout the process. Highly recommend working with him!

  22. Deepak C.

    Jon has been great! Very timely, flexible and conscious of our expenses as a startup. Highly recommended.

  23. Caroline K.

    Jon is responsive, knowledgable and a pleasure to work with. I’d recommend him!

  24. Michael W.

    Jonathan was great to work with! Looking forward to using his services again in the future!

  25. Matt .

    Great to work with! Very responsive, fast, and knowledgable.

  26. Keith F.

    Working with LawTrades and Jonathan Hood was an excellent experience. He was able to quickly provide a top notch legal consultation on the topic of employment law. He also reviewed my company’s employee handbook and made salient suggestions that mitigated the company’s liability with regard to workplace relationships. I wholeheartedly recommend Jonathan.

  27. Linute .

    We hired Jon about two years ago for our mobile app startup and he has been a wonderful attorney. He’s wise, experienced, thorough and very fair. We are very happy with Jon’s service. He is highly recommended!

  28. Christopher .

    Working with Jonathan Hood & LawTrades was a very pleasant experience. Not only was everything cost effective, but the over all process was very smooth.

  29. Eusebio Dan L.

    I have spoken to alot of lawyers and Jon was the only one who took his time with me and did not rush me in explaining my business and what my needs are.

  30. Leo S.

    He worked responsively. We had a phone meeting a few times and he understood my concerns to reflect on the draft. The cost was competitive too.

  31. Christina H.

    Great communicator and was really timely!

  32. Emma K.

    Jon is incredibly helpful and responsive. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for an attorney, especially if you have a small business and need someone to guide you through your first contracts with partners/collaborators/etc.

  33. Bryan J.

    We’ve been with Jon Hood and Law Trades since our inception. Always a pleasure working with Jon. Thanks Law Trades!

  34. Adam P.

    Jon is great! Worked with him on numerous projects and he always does an awesome job. He’s great at working with clients and explaining what everything means for you and your business. Definitely recommend.

  35. Raad A.

    Great experience, will hire again!

  36. Saverio I.

    Jonathan did an amazing job setting my new company in the US. Thank you very much!

  37. Jason M.

    Review can’t be blank

  38. Usmaan A.

    Jonathan was incredibly helpful on my project. He was also very patient with me when it came to answering any questions I had and always responded in a timely manner. I’d have no problem working with him again on another project.

  39. Kevin L.

    Solid all-around experience.

  40. Nour K.

    Thank you Jonathan for your continous support. Apperciate your Quick feedback.

  41. Kevin L.

    Appreciate the delivery of the documents in an organized format in Dropbox, with a summary description of each. Answer any follow-up questions.

  42. Robert C.

    Jon was great!

  43. Ra W.

    Jon’s an impeccable talent and incredibly responsive. He knows his stuff and I’m happy to have found him. I’m looking forward to using his services on future engagements.

  44. Octavian B.

    Working with Jonathan Hood was a real pleasure and an outstanding experience. The attention he gave to each and every detail and the knowledge he has about the rather new field represented by DLT, blockchain and crypto assets made our co-operation a great experience.

  45. Raad A.

    Jon is always great to work with.

  46. David T.

    Jonathan was most excellent, will surely will be using his services again!

  47. Bens H.

    Jon is extremely helpful and patient. He goes over and beyond his primary duties. He also finds ways to simplify certain legal terms/issues I wouldn’t be able to understand into clear details.

  48. Laurie B.

    Jonathan Hood is amazing. Super patient knows what he is doing !

  49. Gregory K.

    Jon was excellent to work with in all aspects of my agreement review.

  50. Joshua L.

    Jonathan was able to provide peace of mind on some pressing questions we had, and also did a great job improving several sections of our document that will be beneficial going forward. Pleasure to work with.

  51. Mike F.

    Project manager made it sound great. 1 Hour call with lawyer to go over project and needs before getting started, lawyer would be extremely helpful, nothing to worry about.↵↵I make payment and got contacted by lawyer immediately, saying he will go over investment contract. Next day I get an email back with one comment on document and Jon letting me know everything looks good. ↵↵I emailed back asking if we could schedule a call. On the 5 minute call he didn’t offer any advise, which is what i’m paying him for, but rather sat silently while I rambled on trying to get something useful from him. He didn’t ask where we are located, what our business did, what are needs were in this investment deal, offer any advise on wishy washy wording placed in by investors. Nothing. I made comments about terms I was unsure about and Jon noted them and made changes after the call. He didn’t have any sound advise on our legal standing to reject terms but rather told me to “push back”. ↵↵When I contacted our project manager Ashish, he assured me that he would get things fixed. Never heard back from him. I sent another message a few days later expressing the same issues and got an automated message “I’m Ashish Walia, a project manager here at LawTrades. I’m here to go over how our platform works and assist you with finding the best attorney for your legal project…”. Thanks so much Ashish. ↵↵There is nothing about Jon or Law trades I am happy with. As a bootstrapped company, we don’t have any time or money to waste – unfortunately we wasted both. ↵↵To top it all off I still haven’t closed with investors because I am now unsure of everything in the contract. ↵↵Thanks.↵Mike Faherty

  52. Anthony Z.

    Great Work

  53. Bill

    Great work. Highly recommend

  54. Ariana

    Jon is such an informed, patient lawyer. You really can’t go wrong with his advice.

  55. Ansh

    Jon is very comfortable to work with, understands the startup mindset and most patient with so many queries that come his way and sometimes uneasy demands from founders. Highly recommended.

  56. Rachel

    Jon did an excellent job and helped with all of our questions.

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