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Josh Garber is dedicated to representing startups, emerging companies, and other businesses throughout California. He regularly represent entrepreneurs in forming their consulting, contracting, and other businesses, and furthering their freelance careers. Specializing in employment law, He regularly advises companies on hiring freelance and remote workers, to ensure that their relationships are compliant with the law. Prior to opening his own firm, Josh served as general counsel for CloudPeeps. Josh received his JD from the University of Pennsylvania in 2009.


University of Pennsylvania

JD, Law -2009

University of Arizona

B.A.,Economics- 2006

Partner Attorney

Law offices of Joshua R. Garber -Present

COO & General Counsel

CloudPeeps -2016

Labor & Employment Attorney

Meyers Nave-2015

Office: San Francisco, CA

Available weekdays: 9am – 5pm PST

Practice Areas

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20 reviews for Josh G.

  1. Eric C.

    Very thorough analysis, great to work with!

  2. Jonathan Paul D.

    Very knowledgeable, efficient with his time, and he genuinely seeks to provide good quality advice and guidance. Clearly takes pride in his work and delivers. Very much enjoyed the experience and would definitely use Josh again in the future.

  3. Ludwig S.

    Josh was great at answering my specific question quickly as well as proactively walking me through the contract’s more complex parts where he thought I might have questions.

  4. Raquel G.

    It was really great working with Josh. We had two projects with him and he was extremely attentive and patient with us as we asked a bunch of questions. He was also very quick at completing the projects. We will definitely reach out to him again in the future should we need more legal work. Lawroom is also very user friendly and makes things simple. Just a great experience all around.

  5. Philip E.

    Prompt, responsive, and very knowledgeable. I would definitely hire Josh again.

  6. Flora W.

    Josh was immensely helpful in helping me to make sense of my employment contract and inventions agreements, and was able to work with me in a time crunch. He was very friendly and knowledgable, and I will absolutely contact him next time I have a legal question or issue!

  7. Evan S.

    Josh was knowledgeable, helpful, and efficient. He made everything clear and was able to answer questions on the fly to my satisfaction.

  8. Paymahn M.

    My recent experience with Josh was my first ever lawyer experience and it was great. Josh is personable, easy to work with, very prompt and clearly cares about the people he works for. I have already contacted him about more legal questions and intend to continue working with him for the foreseeable future. Highly recommended.

  9. Steven T.

    Working w Josh was quick, friendly and easy. Would do again!

  10. Ahamad Yacub K.

    Josh Garber was very prompt & professional in setting up a time and take me through aspects of two different employment contracts. He explained in plain and simple terms of what my obligations we’re and put my mind at ease. This helped me understand my situation much better and now I am better equipped to make decisions. I highly recommend Mr.Garber for your Contract and Employment law issues.

  11. Patrick C.

    Great experience working with Josh. He hit all the key points and was very helpful.

  12. Joseph L.

    Josh was extremely helpful and was able to quickly turn around a review of an employment offer, what different sections meant, and how the law applied to them. I would defiantly work with him again.

  13. Rodrigo C.

    Quick, painless, and thorough. Overall a great experience and I would definitely use again!

  14. Azam K.

    Very Prompt and Extremely Helpful!!↵↵THANK YOU !!!!

  15. Michael P.

    It was a pleasure to work with Josh. He answered my questions and explained all concepts clearly. I was able to move forward with confidence in my legal matter.

  16. Michael P.

    I again enjoyed working with Josh. He provided detailed written feedback on the documents he reviewed. I felt I understood my choices and was able to proceed with confidence. I can definitely recommend Josh for review of employment agreements.

  17. Raphael L.

    Before accepting a leadership role at a startup, I wanted to review my employment contracts on short notice. Josh was immediately responsive—within a day of reaching out, he’d already started to review them. He also walked me through the nuances of each contract over the phone, explaining what everything meant in a way that was completely clear to me, a layman.

  18. Ileana

    This was my best experience working with an attorney. Josh is smart, personable, effective and reliable. I highly recommend him! P.S. he has a great sense of humor, which was a big plus!

  19. Evan

    I own a small business (personal training studio) and I needed some legal help/advice for my employee manual and confidentiality agreements and I found Josh. His knowledge, professionalism, and timeliness were exactly what I was looking for. I don’t know much about employee manuals and agreements, but it was immediately obvious that he is an expert and has done this before because of his ability to quickly deduce all the issues that applied to my business. What I also appreciated was his straightforwardness for the time he spent on each thing so I could budget accordingly. It wasn’t one of those things where you just get an outrageous bill at the end without any idea or feedback of what was going on. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for legal help with the HR/employment related areas for a small business. I honestly couldn’t ask for more…

  20. Taylor

    Josh is one of those people who really cares about his clients and prides himself on providing smart and practical counsel. Josh has always been quick to get back to me, willing to take the time to explain his perspectives and advisement, and easy to work with. Furthermore, the quality of Josh’s work shows up in every email, phone call, and redline. It’s refreshing to work with someone so personable and so good at their trade. 10/10 would recommend.

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