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Denver, CO

Years Practicing: 30 yrs
Overall Rating: 5 Stars
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Roxane Peyser is a cannabis business attorney licensed in Colorado and Texas and is currently serving as Vice Chair of Colorado NORML. Based in Denver, Roxane is one of the first cannabis-focused lawyers in the country as she has been practicing for close to 20 years in the space. The majority of her clients are manufacturers and cultivators, but she also represents a number of ancillary businesses including fertilizer companies, lighting manufacturers, packaging companies, cannabis consultancies and events planners all of whom are also cannabis-centric businesses. Currently, Roxane is representing a client in Texas who is submitting an application for one of the first licenses that will be awarded at the end of April 2017. Some of her current/past clients include Cannabis Life Sciences, Inc., NoBo Partners and Better Baked.


University of Houston Law Center

JD, Law -1986

Work History


Saccomanno & Clegg, P.C. -1989



Graham, Bright & Smith, P.C. -1991


Senior Legal Counsel

Compass Bancshares / BBVA -1993



Sirote & Permutt, P.C. -1995


General Counsel

Environmental Planning Specialists, Inc. -2011



Law Office of Roxane Peyser, LLC -2017

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  1. Axis S.

    Very helpful, thorough, friendly, and fast.

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