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Usman Shaikh is an experienced attorney who focuses on corporate, entertainment & new media, and intellectual property transactions. Based in Beverly Hills, Usman’s typical clients include entrepreneurs, tech startups, financiers, production companies, new media companies, and creative talent. Usman began his legal career over a decade ago as a corporate attorney in New York where he worked on a wide range of corporate transactions in the areas of mergers & acquisitions, private equity, securities, secured lending and structured finance. Usman earned his law degree from the University of Pennsylvania Law School and is licensed to practice in California, New York and New Jersey.

University of Pennsylvania 

JD, Law -2003

Managing Attorney & Founder

U.S Law Group -2017

Business Affairs

ICM Partners Group -2006

Corporate Associate

Seward & Kissel LLP -2006

Office: Los Angeles, CA

Available weekdays: 9am – 5pm

Practice Areas

lawtrades business question

Business Formation

  • Ensure compliance
  • Save money long term
  • You get much more

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Protecting your trademark can pay dividends. It’s also your brand and your reputation. You’ve established is associated with these different brand elements: your name, logo, and tagline.

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lawtrades services employment contract


Protect your business.

Find contract lawyers to solidify your working relationships.

  • Confirm your legal compliance
  • Documents tailored to your business
  • Have an dedicated contract lawyer to turn to

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lawtrades services terms and conditions

Terms & Conditions

Get your agreements reviewed.

Get a terms of service agreement to protect yourself and your website from lawsuits with a LawTrades lawyer.

  • Ensure compliance
  • You get much more
  • Save money long term

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Privacy Policy

All Websites Need One

Experienced Privacy Policy lawyers available on-demand to help you create a privacy policy.

  • Get a better understanding
  • You won’t waste your time
  • You’re more likely to be approved

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13 reviews for Usman S.

  1. Al

    Usman followed up quickly to my project. He was super efficient and explained the process, options, and his recommendations. The search, and the pointers that he had were very helpful.

  2. Vincent

    Usman Shaikh provided stellar corporate and business services for my company. We went through a complex restructuring of our business and he guided us through the whole process seamlessly. He was excellent at explaining complex theories and processes in layman’s terms to help us fully understand each aspect of our restructuring. Usman was very professional and extremely responsive and I would recommend his services to anyone looking for a trustworthy and reliable attorney.

  3. Joseph

    Usman was stupendous, professional, courteous, honest, and cognizant from the start! Given the many variables and complexity involved in forming a business entity, registering a trademark, registering a copyright, registering an EIN, determining whether a terms of usage and privacy policy agreement is required, and reviewing health disclaimers for an eBook, Usman was highly cooperative and responsive making me feel at ease.

  4. Joseph

    He answered my comprehensive emails succinctly and thoroughly. He recommended a service called Markify for conducting additional trademark searches outside of USPTO’s database.

  5. Joseph

    He even went so far in responding very efficiently over the weekend, outside of business hours. That innate gesture is definitely praiseworthy and exceptional given time was not on my side nor was it for Usman. I needed answers quickly, even though I didn’t explicitly mention these sentiments to him because that would be too impractical and idiotic. He understood my situation with all the nuances and did everything in my best interests to secure all the legal knots in a timely fashion without any hiccups.

  6. Joseph

    When it came to billing, he was cognizant of keeping me abreast of the total hours he spent on specific tasks. Using LawTrades, he took the time out of his hectic schedule to list the estimated project fees including all fixed upfront costs for registering the business and his hourly review rate. His financial transparency gave me a pretty good cost picture of his services with no surprises!

  7. Joseph

    Additionally, Usman telephonically walked me through the step-by-step instructions for obtaining an EIN for an LLC. That made the entire process seamless, saving me much valuable time.

  8. Joseph

    All and all, I would highly recommend Usman if you’re looking for an intellectual property lawyer, creating a legal entity for your business, reasonable legal fees, and state-of-the-art service.

  9. Joseph

    Thank you Usman, for all your hard work, patience, and timely responses for consciously completing all my outstanding requests from start to finish!

  10. Eric

    I recently contacted Usman Shaikh for advice with my tech startup company after speaking with local attorneys that were not very helpful. We decided to contact Usman because of his background in the field and his impressive resume. He was able to give us great advice for our company, help draft corporate documents and help us file some important trademarks. He was very professional and knowledgeable during our conversations. I would recommend Usman to anyone and he would be the first person I contact if I need legal consultation again.

  11. Bruce

    Usman Shaikh recently provided legal services to my tech app company (after we interviewed several attorneys). We went with Usman because of his education and work background, as well as friendly and professional demeanor. He helped us structure the corporate entity, get our documents in a row, file a trademark, and take care of our Terms of Usage and Privacy Policy. Basically A to Z for a tech startup! He was very knowledgeable and professional…..and very patient with us, since this is our first venture! We plan on having a long lasting business relationship with Usman!

  12. Ruben

    Helpful and answered any questions I had. Great experience.

  13. Ruben

    Took care and was thorough on answering my questions or guiding me to resources to help me.

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