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This nonimmigrant visa is generally available to executives and managers of a company with offices in both the applicant’s country and the United States. It requires the employee, referred to as an “intracompany transferee,” to have worked in the foreign office for at least one year within three years prior to application.

The L-1 visa may also be used to open a new U.S. office. An L-1 visa was first created for large corporations to transfer their employees to the U.S., but startups and small businesses are now also utilizing this visa. A related, but different, visa is the L-1B which is designed to accommodate individuals who are not managers or executives, but have specialized knowledge. Use LawTrades to find L-1 visa lawyers at a price that works for you.

Benefits of legal advice.

Increase chances of obtaining a visa

Because immigration law is complex, there’s a greater chance you’ll overlook something, as opposed to an attorney who handles these matters for a living. Don’t risk it.

Have L-1 Visa lawyers to turn to

There’s a good chance you’re going to like your attorney from LawTrades and want to keep using him / her. By setting up that relationship for a ToS or PP, you have a legal expert to turn to when in need.

Get more options 

An attorney will be able to confirm you’re applying for the most viable visa. Also, our L-1 visa lawyers can provide you with the necessary steps to prolong your stay.


Can citizens of any country apply for an L-1 visa?

Yes. An L-1 visa is not limited to citizens from countries that have treaties with the U.S. As such, people from all countries are potentially eligible.

Do I have to exclusively work in the U.S. with an L-1 visa?

No, the L-1 visa holder is permitted to divide work between the U.S. and other countries. This allows an individual to continue working primarily in his / her home country, while working in the U.S. on a short-term basis.

What is a “blanket application?”

A procedure designed specifically for businesses that are frequent users of L-1 visas. Large corporations with three or more branches, subsidiaries or affiliates are qualified if they have one or more of the following: A combined U.S. annual sales of $ 25 million; A U.S. workforce of 1,000; or Received approval of at least 10 L-petitions in last 12 months.

What is an L-2 visa?

It’s a visa reserved for spouses and unmarried minor children of an L-1 visa holder. The duration of the visa follows that of the corresponding L-1 visa.

What is a Request for Evidence (RFE)?

An RFE is made when the USCIS determines that an application needs additional documentation / evidence to determine an applicant's eligibility for the benefit sought. The request will indicate what evidence or information is needed for authorities to fully evaluate an application or petition. The immigration attorneys on LawTrades are available for hosting businesses and applicants who need assistance answering an RFE.
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