Have Ongoing Monthly
Legal Needs?  

Schedule a free call with a LawTrades Project Manager to learn how LawTrades Apex can streamline your monthly legal needs and save you upwards of 60% on legal fees.

Who is LawTrades Apex For?

LawTrades Apex is designed for mature businesses that have ongoing legal needs on a monthly or quarterly basis. Apex is suited for companies that have raised a round of funding, are profitable, have in-house counsel or currently using a traditional corporate firm for most of their legal work.

Historically, legal services can cost businesses upwards of $500 per hour. We get rid of all the excess fees with LawTrades Apex and pass the savings to business owners.

Commonly Used for Services Like:

· Contract Review
· Ongoing Legal Advice
· Creating SaaS agreements
· On-boarding New Employees
· & Much More

* Please note: This is limited-time offer.

Request are on a first-come, first-served basis. We will make every effort to accommodate schedules, but all consultations will take place during standard business hours.

(Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm, Eastern time). 

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Talk to a project manager about your business. We’ll craft a legal plan that addresses your legal needs. All legal plan services are completed by our network of vetted business-focused attorneys.  
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