Founders Package

Starting at $1,200 + filing fees

What's Inside
1. Delaware corporation formation
2. Corporate bylaws
3. 83B Election
4. Restricted Stock Purchase Agreements for founders
5. Foreign qualification in your home state Prepare a cap table Invention
6. Assignment Registering an EIN number Standard filing fee for Delaware
7. 1st year registered agent payment ($99 annually)
8. Assistance with setting up bank account, accounting assistance
9. Payroll processing and office space through our preferred partners
About this package
Starting a company is a lot of work, not only do you have to worry about getting customers and building your product, you have to make sure that your legal operations are handled the right way from the beginning, with effective legal counsel.

This package is designed to allow you to raise funding, apply to accelerators, hire employees and establish yourself as a legitimate corporation so that you can start conducting business.
What's included
In addition to the items above, here’s what’s included in the package: standard filing fee for Delaware, 1st year registered agent services, having the entire process completed and customized by an attorney on LawTrades.

Fees for foreign qualification will be invoiced separately as the fees vary from state to state. In addition, you’ll receive dedicated project management from a LawTrades project manager. Reach us by phone, email, text and get a reply within one hour.
Next steps
Once you purchase this package, a LawTrades advisor will reach out to you immediately for an initial on-boarding call. During the call, we’ll learn more about your business, provide you with a curated list of attorneys for you to pick from so that we can get started.

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