General Counsel Package

Starting at $180 / hour

About this package
Having a general counsel on your team is a valuable resource. Not only can they make sure that your business is legally protected, they can also help guide important business decisions, help with strategy, fundraising and much more. With our general counsel package, you can purchase 10 hours of legal services and use it as needed whether it’s weekly, monthly, or every other month. By pre-purchasing, we’re able to lock you into a lower rate. No monthly commitments, no fuss.  
How you can use it
1. Legal counsel via phone, video, chat or in person (subject to location)
2. Reviewing documents such as contracts, employment agreements,
3. NDA’s and much more
4. Basic state filings
5. Having an attorney on call, dedicated to your business.
6. Corporate compliance & strategy
What's included
Traditionally, hiring a general counsel can cost a company upwards of $150,000 per year. With this package, the idea is that you get to add a member to your team that can help with legal strategy, business strategy for a fraction of the cost. You’ll have a dedicated general counsel assigned to your team, on call via email, phone or video whenever you need him or her. You’ll also get bi-weekly summaries of the amount of hours spent to ensure full transparency. 
Next steps
Once you purchase the package, we’ll reach out immediately to get a solid understanding of your business, industry and more. From there, we’ll present you with a list of attorneys that we think are the right fit for your company. Talk to any of them for free and decide on the best fit from there.

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