Starting a Business

Everything you need to start a business for just $499.

Day 1: Submit your application

Day 2: Sign documents and access bank account

Day 4: Company Incorporated

Day 11: Receive Tax ID from IRS

About this package
Starting a company can be needlessly complicated—lengthy paperwork, bank visits, legal complexity, numerous fees, and non-obvious decisions about what services to use. We built Atlas to make this easy: a tool to handle everything involved in establishing an internet business. It’s available to entrepreneurs everywhere.
What's included
Company incorporation

Atlas incorporates your new company in Delaware—the industry standard for tech companies. We’ll generate the documents, file the paperwork, and obtain your Tax ID number. Your company will generally be open within a couple days. This includes:

Bank account

Atlas includes opening a bank account—complete with a debit card—with Silicon Valley Bank, the world’s leading bank for tech companies. You’ll be able to login to your account after e-signing documents; there’s no need to visit a branch in person or to fax paperwork.

Special offers

On startup services Atlas users receive up to $15,000 of free credits from Amazon Web Services, a free conversation with a lawyer and an accountant, and flat-rate packages for additional legal and tax advice.
Good for
From San Francisco to Sri Lanka, thousands of entrepreneurs in 120 countries have used Atlas to get their businesses off the ground.
How it can help
Your incorporated company and new bank account will be ready within days. Keep track of everything in one place.
As an Atlas member, you’ll have access to a free conversation with a lawyer in the Atlas network, free templates designed just for startups, and flat-rate legal packages (including $349 to have a lawyer customize stock agreements).
You can join Atlas immediately with an invitation from an existing Atlas user or a member of the Atlas Network. Otherwise, tell us about your company and we’ll get back to you within two weeks.
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