Legal Strategy Session

Consult with an experienced business attorney to
answer legal questions facing your company.

What is a Strategy Session?

Strategizing with an attorney is a great first step to assess the legal issues that face you. Whether you’re an entrepreneur thinking of opening a business, a student on an F-1 visa who wants to have a side business, or a small business stuck with tax problems, legal advice can help. Too often entrepreneurs attempt to deal with legal issues on their own, only to find themselves needing an attorney to clean up the mess. Before, companies were left with having to set up a consultation and play phone tag traditional law firms.

Now, with a Strategy Session and LawTrades in general, entrepreneurs can receive instant, quality legal advice without the hassles. Our Strategy Sessions have helped countless companies and individuals deal with their various legal concerns. By now, we know the right lawyers to set you up with so that your time will be spent wisely. The same goes with setting up your session. After signing up, you’ll have the chance to text with our automated system that will gather all the info needed for us to set you up with a session. You’ll see that Strategy Sessions can lead you to the first step of any issue you have and aid you with preventing future problems. 


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Then, submit a short description of your issue and we’ll do our part to match you with the right attorney.
Pick a Time & Date
We’ll work with you to make your experience not only insightful, but also accommodating to your calendar.
Consult with Attorney
The moment you’ve been waiting for - sound legal advice.

What's Included

-Sound legal advice from the attorney.
-Targeted legal advice specific to your situation.
-Detailed action plan to tackle your legal issue.
-Follow-up email with any resources discussed during the session. 


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5 Stars ( 81 Reviews )
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"LawTrades offered great, efficient service at the price point we wanted. We were very happy with their ability to connect us with a top attorney, and would use them again for ad-hoc legal projects."

Sarah Kettler

"We are thrilled with the pricing and overall experience of using LawTrades.We have used LawTrades nearly a dozen times and will continue to do so in the future."

David Nelson
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