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Get a Free 20-minute consultation with an experienced business attorney
to answer legal questions facing your company.


Whether you recently launched your business, currently bootstrapping it, or simply unsure of where to begin, a strategy session can help. Too often business owners attempt to deal with legal issues on their own, only to find themselves needing an attorney to clean up the mess. Before, companies were left with having to set up a consultation and play phone tag traditional law firms. Now, with a Strategy Session and LawTrades in general, entrepreneurs can receive instant, quality legal advice without the hassles. Our Strategy Sessions have helped 100s of companies deal with their various concerns.

By now, we know the right lawyers to set you up with so that your time will be spent wisely. The same goes with setting up your session. After signing up, you’ll have the chance to text with our automated system that will gather all the info needed for us to set you up with a session. You’ll see that Strategy Sessions can help you figure out the first step to any issue you have and aid you with preventing similar problems. Give it a shot - it’s free after all.

How legal advice can help

Hiring a good lawyer will provide vital assistance in almost every aspect of your business. 
Employment Law
Issues such as wage and hour violations, employee / contractor classification, employee benefits, confidentiality agreements, and workplace discrimination can really impact a company’s financial stability and public image.
Business Formation
Choosing the right entity (C-Corp vs. S-Corp vs. LLC) and appropriate state to form in implicates the amount of taxes you will pay, and whether the entity itself will have to pay taxes. An attorney will also ensure you are not exposed to any personal liability, and, if applicable, that your company is incorporated in a way that allows for future investors.
Co-Founder Disputes
A dispute among the founders can ultimately cause a business to close its doors. An attorney who has experienced this type of controversy can provide great insight on how to resolve the situation amicably.
Intellectual Property
Topics like patents, trademarks, copyrights, confidentiality agreements, and IP assignment clauses are technical and confusing. An experienced IP attorney can assess your IP and the most cost-effective of protecting it.

What’s included

20-minute phone or video session with a knowledgeable business attorney.
Targeted legal advice specific to your situation. 
Detailed action plan to tackle your legal issue.
Follow-up email with any resources discussed during the session.

Common Questions

What’s the catch here - is it really free?
Yes, your initial strategy session of 20 minutes is completely free. That’s our warm welcome to what hopefully turns out to be a long-term relationship between your business and LawTrades. 
What if I really like the attorney I spoke to - can I retain him/her?
Yes, that’s the great thing about Strategy Sessions. Assuming you feel comfortable with the attorney you spoke to, you will have the chance to use him/her down the road when you need them, or immediately after! 
You didn’t list my issue anywhere - can you still help me with it?
Hopefully! If it’s business related and legal based then there’s a good chance we can help. You’ll have the chance to text us specifically what you need help with then we’ll figure out if it’s something within our realm. Either way, you’ll get a response from us! 

How It Works

Describe Need
Submit a short description of your issue and we’ll do our part to match you with the right attorney according to your specifics.
Book Your Consult
We’ll work with you to make your experience not only insightful, but also accommodating to your calendar.
Discuss Your Issue
The moment you’ve been waiting for - sound legal advice.

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"LawTrades makes the process of getting the legal assistance super straightforward."
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"LawTrades offered great, efficient service at the price point we wanted. We were very happy with their ability to connect us with a top attorney, and would use them again for ad-hoc legal projects. Recommend!"
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"LawTrades helped connect us with the right legal professional for our project within minutes - we obtained a quote and started working within hours. Our experience couldn't have been better."
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We’ll work with you to coordinate a time and day that is convenient for you and the attorney to chat. If something comes up beforehand then kindly let us know and we’ll reschedule things!