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Modern Legal General Counsel Services.

Have a team of high-level attorneys handle your overflow at a fraction of the cost with general counsel services charged by Big Law.

– Partner-level attention

– Save Time

– Lower Cost

The efficient way to handle legal

In just a few minutes of sharing your legal needs, we’ll introduce you to attorneys who can complete your legal project online in a timeframe and price range that works for you. From corporate and patent attorneys to tax and immigration attorneys and general counsel services, we offer every type of legal expert that a business could need during their lifespan.

The benefits
Partner-level attention
Our attorneys are experienced and will handle the work themselves, instead of an associate.

Save Time
Don’t waste precious time when tasks can be outsourced to capable attorneys at a price that makes sense.

Lower Cost
Save up to 60% less than traditional law firms with the option of paying a flat fee per project when possible

The process
Outline Your Needs

Chat one-on-one with a dedicated Project Manager, who will learn about your company and its business legal needs.

Meet Candidates

We’ll provide you with a short list of online lawyers, which describes their background, skills, past clients, and pricing.

Review a Shortlist

You can review our short list and talk with any of the attorneys over the phone or video chat to ensure they’re a good fit.

Make Your Hire

Turn to our general counsel services platform and your Project Manager whenever you have legal tasks that need to be addressed. Keep track of milestones, documents and payments all in one place.




Daniel, H. | ★★★★★

“Simple and trustworthy system. The project manager through text message is a good idea and helps a lot with the process, especially their timely response.”

Rafael, R. | ★★★★★

“I was very comfortable with the environment it was my first meeting and I knew it was on the right track I did understand my lawyer I was listening I did absorb the information given to me.”

Ori, A. | ★★★★★

“Great experience all around, LawTrades was just so much more personal and much better than other startup/online on-demand solutions for legal work,. Almost feels like I handpicked and hired the attorney myself. The Attorney was available to answer questions by phone or text message, so was the LawTrades rep who set the whole thing up. And when setting up new entities you always have questions, so this was a big deal for me. The Attorney assigned to my project was available on demand to help out explain things every step of the way and I think the guys at LawTrades have done a great job with making you feel extremely comfortable. After all was done I even got an email and a call from one of the co founders of the company to make sure I had a seamless experience. I never got a call from other companies I had used in the past like Legal zoom and the whole thing always felt so automated. Yes, granted Legal zoom probably have way more clients than Lawtrades and as such would not be feasible for their management to call everyone, however, that was a nice touch which I do appreciate. I will definitely be heading back to Lawtrades whenever I require legal assistance.”

Tamas, P. | ★★★★★

“Price. I know what I am paying instead of getting surprised. Transparent pricing I know what each bit costs instead of getting a big bill and not knowing what parts cost what and how much was for service vs hard fees such as filing fees. Also things progressed rapidly.”

Yash, P. | ★★★★★

“Amazing service, i cant get over texting to get a lawyer. it’s revolutionary and can legitimately improve the US justice system for people with no access to quality lawyers.”

Janet, S. | ★★★★★

“Quick and easy, I used LawTrades and worked with attorney Jonathan Hood to review a NDA. I got my questions answered right away. Arman was a great help making the connection. Would highly recommend the service.”