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  • Incorporation Incorporation$450 Protect yourself from personal liability and keep your business machinery running. Get Started
  • Post-Incorporation Post-Incorporation$849 Everything you need after you incorporate. Get Started
  • Legal Strategy Session Legal Strategy Session$150 Get your legal questions answered by one of our top LawTrades attorneys. Get Started
  • Trademark Trademark$650 Claim exclusive rights to your logo and business name. Get Started
  • Terms of Service Terms of Service$199 Stay compliant with the law and prevent legal issues. Get Started
  • Privacy Policy Privacy Policy$199 Get a Privacy Policy drafted by an experienced lawyer for your website or app. Get Started
  • Contract Review Contract Review$249 Create or review legally binding agreements. Get Started
  • Copyright Copyright$299 Secure your work. Get Started

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We only work with lawyers that we have met, interviewed, vetted and comprehensively background checked. In other words, these are the lawyers we’d be happy to help us for our own business.

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Was searching for months for a lawyer for my music startup until I found LawTrades where I found the perfect lawyer on the first try. Nate Maddrey Nate Maddrey,

LawTrades is awesome! They helped me find several qualified attorneys to assist my startup with legalities. Paul DiCesare Paul DiCesare, ShareJockey

LawTrades connected me with three great lawyers and I met in person with the one I liked the most. Violeta Fabe Violeta Fabe, KarMo

This was a really great service and the process was very smooth Neha Mohta Neha Mohta, Purple Slate.

I appreciate your team's diligence and constant willingness to help. It goes a long way and I'll be sure to recommend LawTrades to others in the community who are seeking legal needs. Joe CuananJoe Cuanan, thoughtcloud

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